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Submitted by jim on 1/5/05 at 11:42 PM. ( )

Hi everyone. I'm hoping that someone can help me with this. I'm twelve years old and would like to paint my goalie mask but I'm having trouble getting the paint to stick. My dad says that the paint is water based and is hydro-mist brand. I'm not sure what the helmet is made of. I hope that someone can help. Thanks jim

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This response submitted by cur on 1/5/05 at 11:50 PM. ( )

The mask may be made from Polyethylene, and if it is, it must be etched and primed with a special paint in order to paint it. You might take it to an auto body shop near you and ask the people there what they think. I doubt that hydro-mist will stick to most plastics. If it is a material that is responsive to tuolene then you can paint it with lacquers. Get your dad to try wetting a small place with acetone and see if it becomes sticky. If it does, then lacquer will adhere to it.

My grandson is also a goalie on one of the USA Olympic Development Teams. I am sorry to say I do not know what material was used to form his mask. He lives 1100 miles from me, so I can't run over to his house to check it.

Krylon sells a new paint that's supposed to bond to plastic

This response submitted by George on 1/6/05 at 7:51 AM. ( )

Don't know if they have it in a "primer" or not,however and Cur has told you the straight up on correcting your problem.


This response submitted by jim on 1/6/05 at 7:45 PM. ( )

thank you very much for your respons but I was still wondering if I could still use dads water paint. thank you


This response submitted by DEERMEISTER on 1/6/05 at 11:10 PM. ( )

You cannot use your dads water paints to paint the hockey mask which I am sure is some type of polyethylene, just ain't going to work!

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