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Submitted by Glen Conley on 1/24/05 at 11:15 PM. ( )

Just over a year ago I came on to the Forums and made a post that I was going to start a website that my company would sponsor to promote taxidermy and taxidermists, that site being Hide Tanning and Taxidermy,

With the help of Evelyn Mills, Lonny Travis, and Dan Moon, I got the initial pages of informational articles on the web, with the concept being to keep articles on the educational side. In web talk that would be considered "relevancy". Ken Edwards set us up with the links from here on the Forums. (It was three years ago people here on the Forums were teaching me how to send an e-mail, so I'll try to keep the fancy computer talk I've learned down so I don't sound too uppity)

I called up Jason Keehr, of fame, and shot him my ideas on doing a spiffy taxidermist directory, built around a "full circle" concept of links to direct search robots using the three sites I maintain as the "bases of operation". Remember, this is a computer illiterate doing this stuff. Over the last number of days, this computer illiterate has had to go back through two of the sites and change over three hundred link at a time.

Between taxidermists and their websites, and taxidermy supply companies, I've lost count as to how many linked sites are involved, but it is over fifty at this time.

As a result of our co-operative effort, our linking partners are pulling high visibility web search returns. Starting with the state of operation, and followed by taxidermist, or taxidermists. Example: texas taxidermist

We are now for the greater part,cached in the search indexes of the major search engines.

Something I have been keeping an eye on for the past number of weeks is the new beta search of MSN. It seems that it is now just about "full blown", and ready to replace search results supplied by the search company Inktomi. Inktomi was bought out by Yahoo! just over a year ago. Yahoo! and Google being the biggest competitors of MicroSoft for generic search returns.

Let me tell ya, this new search is smokin'! What I like about it best likes us!

I have been trying to keep the photos in the directories as diverse and unique as possible in order to WOW our visitors. This has also filtered down into our search returns with MSN. Below are a few of the examples of returns, that I look at as "bonus" search phrases that a web surfer might use.

badger taxidermy # 1 spot shared by Mike Dunbar and Don Houser.

beaver taxidermy #9 Doug Bridges

javelina taxidermy #3 Rockin' Bob Mead

wart hog taxidermy #1 John Griffith , John's actual site has #18 spot with warthog taxidermy.

red fox taxidermy #3 Todd Buchanan

grey fox taxidermy #1 Sandy Sylvester

bison taxidermy #2 Wayne Smith

wood duck taxidermy #9 Barry Moyer

lizard taxidermy #1 spot, but I can't remember the one name............

Again, this is but a few of our partners represented here. If you are involved, have a good time seeing what all your site is coming back with on various search phrases and terms that your site is associated with on the directories.

I feel I should say something about website advertising at this point. Personally, I see it in the same light as any other form of advertising, you never know when, or where, it will work, or even if at all. The reality is, it can be an inexpensive form of advertising, IF you go through someone like Jason that will do all the work for you.

Thanks to Ken Edwards and WASCO for providing us with the means to make these communications.

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Thanks Glen

This response submitted by Jason the Nuttyhost guy and Web Guru on 1/25/05 at 2:47 AM. ( )

Thanks Glen,
Yes, you too can have a website made by me for only $12.99 a month + a $20 setup or $165.00 a year. Get in now while the price is still at this unbelieveable value. Credit cards welcome over the phone. Toll free 1-866-364-2762.

What do you need to do?
Basically, to get started, I need $32.99 from you. This will be for the one-time fee of $20, the remaining $12.99 is the start of the monthly subscription to the already low priced hosting. I will refund you $10 if you have your domain name already. From there it will take approximately 5-21 days to complete your site. This amount of time can be altered by how long you can get your content to me. This is your end of the deal. I have finished sites in about 4 hours before due to the efficiency of the new customer sending their pic's and text correctly through email. Not that this guarantees your site will be finished in only 4 hours, but rather in an efficient manner if you can get everything to me right away.

Site Design
If there is another site out there that you like and wish to have yours like that, then let me know, I will try to make it similar to that one within copyright limits. I also can just take it upon myself to create a dazzling site for you.
After you have decided on a good site design, we will get to work and finish your site. Over the course of your subscription you can send me updates like text and pictures and I will post them on your new site for you....I know it's un-bel-ieve-able, but true.

How Many Pages Do I Need?
What you get with this Taxidermy Deal....
A 10 page website..(a real 10 page site, I will not constitute a picture as a page). Domain name and server setup is included. Each page can be loaded with information, but generally you would want it to be clean and easy to navigate. Usually a Home page, Contact page, Products/Prices page, etc.

If you require more pages, we will create them for you at only a one-time $5.00 per page, but 10 are most likely enough for yoiur new site. Remember, this "per-page" cost is just a one-time fee per page, not monthly. No other setup fees or price increases for at least 3 years and even then it will only be maybe an extra dollar per page...Let me assure you, these prices are very, very reasonable.

Why Am I Doing This?
I am looking for new hosting clients for my hosting business. If you have a website, you need a webhost to hold all of this information on a dedicated server to be shown on the internet. If you search on the internet for webhosts you would see a bunch of differnet rates, you would surely find that my $12.99 a month is quite low to begin with for just hosting alone. So, if I make some sites for people this means residual income for me and I am willing to put the labor into developing a quality site for you as long a you host with me for only $12.99 a month. Unbelievable, but true! Plus, I personally have a passion for taxidermy and animals. You can cancel anytime by just canceling the subscription through your Paypal account or just email me. No tricks. I have retained 95% of all who have joined up on this program.

Really, I am sure you will be happy, but if not, it is very easy to cancel.

Visit for all the details and latest sites completed that are already making sales.

If you are a Taxidermist and have been thinking of getting a website made, then I'm your man. You just can't beat this deal. See what Glen's Purdiest Taxidermy Directory and I can do for your Taxidermy business.

All of our sites are also linked back here to Thanks Ken Edwards and WASCO for letting us post here.

Jason ~ AKA Sir Miles

Web Guru? WEB GURU!?!

This response submitted by Glen on 1/25/05 at 8:58 AM. ( )

You didn't like the title of "computer nerd" that I gave you?

Jason, the first step on the road to inner peace is admitting to yourself that you are a computer nerd. Anyone that lives on a computer is a nerd.

Look at the time that you added to this thread. You probably did that in your sleep, without even realizing it.

There is help for this in the form of a modified Primal Scream Therapy.

Repeat out loud, "I am a nerd!". Do this over and over again, louder and louder, until the emotions build and something snaps inside. You will then be able to feel that inner peace, and even get some sleep.

Catch ya later........NERD!

Ok, ok!

This response submitted by Nerd on 1/25/05 at 12:37 PM. ( )

For cripes sake, I'm trying to get some pride and integrity from all of this. If it wasn't for my 5th degree black belt in ka-ra-te I would never call my self Zen.

Anyhoo, it's ok, since I have been in Iraq doing all of this on my wireless, they do not know what NERD is here. Thy all just know that I am the most spectacular guy in the area with the exception of this "toy factory" manager here, he gives toys to the kids ya know. There isn't alot of money here but, from time to time, I get woven hats made out of discarded bubble gum wrappers for my services, it feels good knowing I am making a difference. I'm wearing a hat right now as I write.

Sleep, hmmmm, Conan the Barbarian once said "Sleep, ha! There is enough time to sleep in the grave."

Super Nerdy Computer Guru Guy that Looks like SamWise Gamgey from The Lord of the Rings movie

My blunder.

This response submitted by Glen on 1/25/05 at 12:57 PM. ( )

I forgot about you being a Zen Webmaster, I honestly did. I guess you Zen guys can do anything you darn well please, including not sleeping.

Was it Conan that said that about sleeping? I thought that was one of the modern cowboy dudes.

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