I Want To Thank Everyone

Submitted by Coyote on 1/6/05 at 10:07 AM. ( coyote@wideopenwest.com )

I want to thank everyone for the e-mails and prayers for my Mom. She has taken a turn for the worse, and is now in the hospital. I'll be gone for a while because of this. I wish everyone a great new year. So, to all my friends I've made here. I wish you all the best and take care.

I'll be thinking of all of you!
Coyote....AKA...Mike Rathnow

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Our prayers are with you Mike

This response submitted by George on 1/6/05 at 10:38 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Wishing you well.

You will be in our prayers

This response submitted by Todd B on 1/6/05 at 12:34 PM. ( tddbuch@sbcglobal.net )

Take care.

Todd B

God Bless

This response submitted by Becky P on 1/6/05 at 1:40 PM. ( )

We'll keep you in our prayers. BP

hope you the best

This response submitted by charles on 1/6/05 at 2:34 PM. ( )

will have you and your mom in our prayers.

Hang in there Yote

This response submitted by Kiwi & TL on 1/6/05 at 6:26 PM. ( )

We will be thinking of you over here.

Sent email

This response submitted by cur on 1/6/05 at 6:42 PM. ( )

Mike, sent you an email.....


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 1/7/05 at 12:49 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Prayers sent. Best wishes. Jeff F.

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