Submitted by Tom on 1/6/05 at 11:54 PM. ( )

You know I am all for helping people in need, but this relief effort for this tsunami crap is out of hand! I cannot believe our government will ask the people to "give whatever they can to the cause" when we have hunderds of thousands if not millions of people right here in our OWN country, the good ole USA who are hungry, sick, homeless, dying, can not afford the proper health care, can not afford medicine, children who don't get to eat a good meal everyday or get proper health and dental care because the folks have no insurance. Do you get my point? It just makes me so damn mad to see all this money going to other countries when we have so many GOOD people right here that could use a little of that outragous amount of money we are sending to these countries. Don't get me wrong I feel for these people and their losses but why can't we help our own people first before we have to go save the world. It just chaps my ass sometime the way our government acts. How about the rest of you? Am I way off base here on my thinking?

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You are right, but we have the bleeding heart liberals

This response submitted by &&& on 1/7/05 at 12:40 AM. ( )

to deal with. They think helping everyone is our business.
I was chastised on another board for saying why help those who hate us and our country.

Those turd world SOBs' did you see the Hindu man on CNN bitching about the USA sending used clothes to him, he wanted NEW CLOTHES!

I was even called a raciest for saying "The USA should take care of our people first."

The Tsunami is the best thing to happen to that part of the world!

Grass hut is a grass hut no mater what island its built on.

Before I send on dime overseas to them I will put it in a cup of any begger on the streets of America.

The third world countries hate us, do you think helping them will change their view points? NO teach them to read and write maybe.

No you are not off base.

for a good read go to this site.

You got it

This response submitted by John_NY on 1/7/05 at 12:46 AM. ( )

You pretty much said it all. I agree with you, so maybe there are 2 of us
way off base. lol

A different angle

This response submitted by Jim on 1/7/05 at 5:56 AM. ( )

Look at what is happening around the world. Every time there is a natural disaster (tsunami, earthquake, flood, eruption, fire, etc.) thousands and thousands of people suffer and/or die. Hundreds of thousands...even millions of people are dying of diseases and that many are starving. It's pretty obvious that we have surpassed the capacity of this good old planet to sustain our staggering numbers. We manage just about every species so that they don't get overpopulated and destroy their habitat, starve, or spread disease. What are we doing to manage our own population? In vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, surrogate mothers, pills for impotency, cloning research, opposing birth control, freezing semen for future use, fertility drugs, egg tanslocation, etc... Our compassion for each other have made it impossible for us to make the hard decisions that are required to limit our own numbers to the carrying capacity of our environment. The consequences are obvious, and much more is ahead.

sort of ticked off

This response submitted by jack on 1/7/05 at 6:47 AM. ( )

a few day's before christmas in my( state( south carolina) an old lady froze to death while doing her kiniting in her home. the power company had turnd her power off becouse she couldent pay her power bill.where was all this aid and concern then?

Proud to be a bleeding heart liberal

This response submitted by Cecil on 1/7/05 at 7:16 AM. ( )

What would Jesus do?

Some of you need to get out of the country and see how fortunate you really are. Quit being so selfish. You apparently have no clue to what's it's like to lose you home, probably the rest of your family, and go hungry for days on end. How would you feel if the tables were turned the other way?

No one's forcing you to give. Go ahead live in your own little selfish world. Just don't preach to me what Christian you are like some of you on here do when you can't walk the walk.

BTW the tables could easily turn the other way

This response submitted by Cecil on 1/7/05 at 7:20 AM. ( )

if the good Lord willed it to be. Yellowstone is sitting on powder keg that could effect the entire continent, and we have a 90 percent chance of a major earthquake in the midwest in the next 50 years like those of 1811-12 estimated to be over 8.0 on richter scale. If that happend today the devastation would be monumental. California is due for the big one anytime. Life is precarious. It can happen to anyone. Hell we could have nuclear war in our lifetime.


This response submitted by Junipera on 1/7/05 at 7:41 AM. ( )

These Equatorial regions are already breeding grounds for all kinds of disease. With the scale of the number of dead and loss of infrastructure for sanitation in poor, densely populated ares, there is a potential. Thanks to airline travel, new disease could quickly make it to the USA.

What I don't get are tourists that won't change their travel plans and are working on their tans on the beach in Phuket Island. Every wave could wash in a rotting corpse.

Holy Mackerel

This response submitted by cur on 1/7/05 at 7:59 AM. ( )

Did a liberal just invoke the name of Jesus? Thailand said they didn't need money, that they would clean it up themselves. That black bastard from Ghana stepped off the UN jet and started playing God again......Anyone notice the aircraft he was flying around? It's a FOKKER......now, that Focker has a Fokker.

The way folks in Columbo, Sri Lanki see it is that 50,000 Tamil guerillas are dead...ho hum....who gives a dang? The Indonesian government feels the same way. The only nation that is doing any real good over there right now is the USA because we put the assets there to deliver the goods to the people.

The Indonesian Government can't even get to the damaged area. I loved it when Australia said that they were giving the money directly to the need and not through the UN. That is all the UN needs is more money to steal.

Did I give anything? Hell no. Charity begins at home. When hurricanes hit here, I help my neighbors. And while I was helping them I sure as hell didn't bump into any Indonesians or Sri Lankiis handing out food and water.

150,000 moslems down, 1.4 billion to go.......And Juniptera, the disease that will kill those folks are not new, they are as old as the hills. I'd like to think of it as God strikes back.

I'm somewhere between Cecil and the rest...

This response submitted by marty on 1/7/05 at 8:44 AM. ( )

You have to realize that the bulk of those "starving" in the U.S. WANT to stay that way. Any money allocated their way goes to booze or drugs, not food or shelter. Granted the system is what's not working, but nonetheless.

These folks are w/o water and any food for days on end. I think Cecil's right. Many of us can't fathom what many of these folks are going thru. We simply have it too good.

I'll admit at this point it's kinda popular to raise money for the cause. Heck we've got Kobey Bryant (the rapist) contributing a grand for every point he scores. What a nice guy huh?

Can't turn the power off...

This response submitted by Mike on 1/7/05 at 9:04 AM. ( )

here on the elderly, or bigtime lawsuits follow.

Comparing the hurrincanes to the tsunami is like apples and elephants,(oranges aren't big enough) and the ability of people to give help when needed is also a factor.

Yes it is sad that around Christmas when so much money is spent on garbage in this country that we can't help ourselves. We gave our gifts to charity this year instead of exchanging them, before the tsunami.

I agree with Jim, we are living in a fantasy world believing that the growth can continue and we just keep shoving the resources into the ever widening gap of the mouth of human consumption. I know some reading this will refute what I say but hold onto your horses because it may be in our lifetime that we hit the population wall, if we haven't in some places already.

IF you got extra

This response submitted by Mr.T on 1/7/05 at 9:17 AM. ( )

If you have extra to give, give it, to anybody that needs it. If you don't have the extra, then you can't do anything about it, so don't worry about it, if you can't give anything.
If you are in need someday, lets hope you're friends have extra, and not the "why should we) attitude.

i didn't read all the posts...

This response submitted by Griz on 1/7/05 at 10:55 AM. ( )

...so i don't know what has been said, but i thought "it's about time" someone said it when i saw this post. Aren't they the muslims over there that hate us? Or are they hindus? If they're hindus and believe all that karma crap then i guess they got what they deserved. Prolly for being stupid enough to build a village on a beach. If i lived in antarctica i wouldn't be surprised when it snowed, or if i built a house on the edge of a cliff i shouldn't be surprised if it fell off after the cliff eroded away.

If the tables were turned they would be dancing in the streets, happy that we had misfortune, they sure wouldn't be sending money,food, or people to help. Maybe sending people to sop up our good fortune that was built upon the backs of OUR ancestors but not to help us any.

Let their government help em. They made their bed let them lie in it. it is a bunch of bullcrap

To put it in perspective ...

This response submitted by Confuseus on 1/7/05 at 10:59 AM. ( )

The total number of people confirmed killed in the tsunami so far is equal to approximately one day's average increase in the global population.

Cecil, you might be wise to read the bible

This response submitted by George on 1/7/05 at 11:18 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Not the New Testament. Read what His Father did. Check up on Soddom and Gommorah, tell me a little about who Noah was. If you believe, you gotta believe God was in charge and MAYBE he was just cleaning a little house work up.

I'll stick with Jesus George

This response submitted by Cecil on 1/7/05 at 12:23 PM. ( )

After all is is God too isn't he? Just because someone is a different skin color or religion does not lower them in my eyes.

Marty has a good point on poverty here. I'm all for helping those in need here too but has anyone ever noticed the poor here tend to be overweight? Kind of ironic isn't it?

Jesus is not God!

This response submitted by &&& on 1/7/05 at 1:11 PM. ( )

Cecil, Jesus is the son of God! Thats what my bibles have always said! So have you been enlightened?

The Father; God who's name noone knows!
The Son; Jesus= God's only begotten SON!

So you ask what would Jesus do?

Maybe the Tsunami was God's way of telling the Muslims they need to get their stuff together!

Maybe God means for them to suffer and repent for their sins'.

I think God has spoken to them, God has told them thier fighting among theirselves must stop. they must join together and work to help each other.

Anyone heard of any damage to Diego Gracia? Should have been massive damage, hum maybe the USA tested a new weapon of mass destruction.


This response submitted by cur on 1/7/05 at 1:54 PM. ( )

Bottom line is that the number of dead in Sri Lanka is just one more tragedy in that low-lying nation. Each year Typhoons and even annual monsoon flooding kill tens of thousands in that region. Death by flooding seems to be the only effective form of birth control in that nation.

Tsunami's are not new. That region and other regions have known them for years. When I lived on the island of Terceira in the Azores in 1968, a Tsunami estimated to be at least ten meters in height struck there following an 8.5 earthquake. The death toll? One! One poor old night guard in a building perched on a bluff over the beach died when the building slid down after the wave cut the dunes out from under it. Why didn't more folks die? Altitude, that's why. The great Lisbon Tsunami of 1755 taught folks to live above the potential wave plain and they had built sea walls and moved everything to higher ground in the 18th century.

The folks in Sri Lanka and the rest of that area will probably do that too, I suspect, now that they have been clobbered. Is it a tragedy? No doubt. Is it earth-shattering? I don't think so. It is sensational news though and a chance for do-gooders to rally around the tragedy of others......

When the dust....er the droplets....(waves don't make dust)...has all settled, those folks will be just as poor as before, still live at 2-3 feet above the ocean levels, and we will all have forgotten them.

And Mike, the force of the hurricanes which hit Florida would have killed just as many people had they struck that region. Check out the numbers on a couple of typhoons that hit Sri Lanka. I have seen the results of a Tsunami....even though I slept through it......and I have seen the results of hurricanes and typhoons...which I didn't sleep through....and never will sleep through, unless I am miles away from the coast when one hits....which I sure as hell plan to be.

Well any, folks if you all want to become Tsunami experts, go here:


I agree

This response submitted by ### on 1/7/05 at 2:27 PM. ( )

I agree with all the money going over there and there being so much here that can be done. What about all the other waste here in the U.S.? I heard that the ball that dropped on New Year's Eve cost 1 million dollars, and that the inauguration will cost about 40 million! What kinda crap is that? If the president is so worried about our economy, why don't he skip this fancy party and put the money towards the national debt?

"An Empire of the East- Travels in Indonesia"

This response submitted by Junipera on 1/7/05 at 2:36 PM. ( )

by Norman Lewis. The 1st chapter describes traveling through Aceh Province, if anyone happens to be in a booksore/library, check it out. You get a perspective of the rebels (insurgents?), expatriates, relocated populations, assorted ethnic groups, political climate, etc.

I agree with the first post

This response submitted by jim on 1/7/05 at 3:16 PM. ( )

for the most part, I say give extra locally or the red cross with out saying were it has to be spent, let them use it were needed the most, maybe even close to home. Just give something to help. By the way Jesus is God and only "christain" cults, and other extreme ignorates of the bible will refute it. In the beginning God said "let us make man....." Who was he talking to? answer: The second and third persons of the trinity, ie Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Cecil ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 1/7/05 at 8:35 PM. ( )

are you for real ? ? LMAO !


This response submitted by Matt Papabear on 1/7/05 at 9:53 PM. ( hawkshoe@hotmail.com )

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are One. Three in the power of One!
Anyway, I feel for the children mainly. It is a terrible thing! My question is how many of these folks were throwin candy around the streets when the twin towers fell? Big terrorist trainin grounds there. If it is God's wrath, who is next? Sin is sin.

I think it's called....

This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 1/7/05 at 11:04 PM. ( dakota AT mtaonline.net )

and no I didn't read all the posts, but I think this is called 'Population Control' or 'Game Management' by Mother Nature herself. Did anyone happen to notice that NO ANIMALS were killed in this because they were smart enough to get the hell outta dodge? Just what's wrong with THAT picture!


Your all nuts

This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 1/7/05 at 11:55 PM. ( )

Sorry guys,
It's called nature. It's called crap happens. Some got it and some don't wolfwoman,humans just are to worried that others will think they're nuts if they act on such intuition..but some know. As for helping..give help to those that deserve it..those who try! Not the overweight welfare receipents who wait to be given,but the ones who try and misfortune hits them time and again..where ever they are and whoever they are. As for the God deal? Free will. He does'nt do things like this, he just does'nt stop them. Who cares if the Muslims appreciate it...its the right thing to do and it sure the hell ain't going to break us. As for the woman freezing because of the heat being turned off here in the U.S.? If it is true someone needs to get hammered for it! Also if it is true where is the liberal outcry? That wouldn't help them get elected would it.

The Kids

This response submitted by Tom on 1/8/05 at 11:14 AM. ( )

The kids are the ones I feel the worst about. They have no clue what the hell is going on only that brother so and so or uncle so and so are missing. I heard the latest estimate is around 7 BILLION DOLLARS has been raised for the cause. Wanna bet that when it is all over and done that those people will say thank you? I bet about 99% will say the US who? I saw one [expletive deleted] bitchin last night because he thought that the tourists got help before the rest of his family did. If it wasn't for tourists that place would not exsist. I was always taught not to bite the hand that feeds you, if you couldn't feed yourself! As far as me having it to good, your wrong, noone ever gave me a damn thing I have worked my ass off for what I have and will have in the future. I hate it when someone says we have it to good here in the US. We have it good because we as a country worked hard to make this country what it is today.Did you see anyone offering money to the 9/11 cause? NO! Some of you are right we are not immune to natural disaters we WILL have a major disater someday somewhere then we will see who comes to our rescue I bet you don't see 7 BILLION DOLLARS being sent to us from them! Don't get me wrong I do feel terrible for these people. How could you not their is alot of death and suffering going on. I just think it is sad that people are more tan willing to send help to this cause when we have so much death and suffering right here we could be working on everyday!

Good in the USA

This response submitted by Craig on 1/9/05 at 6:46 PM. ( )

God told Moses he would lead his children to a promised land. We are the children of Israel, that's why we have it so good in this country. We have been blessed by our creator. Do a little biblical history and you will find this out. I'm not sure how long this will last considering the current immoral path a lot of us are on.

I just can't seem to find anywhere in the bible where God tells his children they are responsible for any other nation's prosperity, especially one's that don't even believe in the Christian faith.

God does state that in the "end times" there will be natural catastrophes like never before on earth.

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