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ROUND 2....
For those of you that read the original post back the 1st of the yr I posted that I was having trouble getting my turkeys back from Mike Morgan.
I didn't want to resort to posting here but I got results. Mike called that evening and told me my turkeys were going to be sent out in a week or so.
I told my customer and he was ok with that.
I talked with Mike last week and he said they were being sent this week now.So again I call my customer to update him to keep him happy.
Mike was to call me on Monday and give me the tracking # so I could find out where they were.
Mike has managed to do something not many people can do to me and that is really PISS ME OFF!
I have to keep making excuses to my customer and he is upset again after I had calmed him down by mounting his pheasant and a reduced price.
I can't replace my customers trophy that I've apparently lost to Mike so I'm at a loss. This was a very nice turkey in the 26 lb range with very long spurs,+ it was the customers 1st turkey he has ever harvested.I'm sure that this will leave a mark on his memory of the hunt which is not good.
I guess I will have to seek some legal advice and be out more $$$$ + the $500 and the turkeys that Mike has of mine and also the $$ for the discount on a pheasant for this customer to help calm him down about his turkey.
I know in the future I won't be doing any more business with Mike.Too bad ,I've been told he does awsome turkeys.
Live and learn I guess. It's too damn bad when ya can't trust a fellow taxidermist to help you out and help them put a lil extra $$$$ in their pocket too.
Mike ,if you read this please get in contact with me ASAP so this BS can be resolved.
I appoligize for the bitching about this again but Mike has brought it on himself.
How hard is it to pick up a phone and call someone and let them know what is going on.
Once again I appoligize for posting this here in hopes Mike will get ahold of me.
Jeff@Jeff's Taxidermy

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heres the problem

This response submitted by newbirdman on 1/27/05 at 7:39 AM. ( )

Well maybe he's just real busy and getting back logged plus he's probably tired of you calling . Give him a little time . Now the real problem is that if you cant mount something yourself , than why are you in this business ? Anyone can call themselves a taxidermist if they take in peoples mounts and send them to someone else to do it for them . Learn to do them yourself and then you wont have this problem . Rick


This response submitted by Jeff@Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/27/05 at 8:26 AM. ( )

I've been in the business long enough and know how mount about anything. Personally I like the chalenge of mounting new things.
I don't like mounting turkeys but this was a very good customer of mine and I didn't want to turn him down.I was told Mike does an awesome job on turkeys so I contacted him. We had an agreement and he is not holding up his end and I'm trying to resolve this problem.He has had an excuse everytime I've talked to him.
As for the waiting ,I've waited long enough for the bird to be done.
Mike told me LAST YR it was done already and this last time I talked to him he told me it was done again and was craiting it up to ship on Monday 1/24/05 but still I have yet to have it delivered to me or have had him call me back to explain why it isn't here yet.He himself told me he would call me with the tracking #. THAT'S WHY I'M UPSET!If he would return my calls I'd stop calling him.But until I have the turkey here in my shop or I have my $500 and the unmounted turkey back I'm gonna keep on calling til this matter is resolved.
I know that I'm not the only taxidermist out there having other taxidermists do work for them.
I myself do wholesale pheasants for other taxidermists and when I tell them it's going to be done ,it"s done ONTIME OR SOONER.
I don't get many turkeys in to mount but I'm not gonna turn down a customer either.
I've mounted turkeys before and like I said earlier I don't care to mount them.
In reguards to what you said "Anyone can call themselves a taxidermist if they take in peoples mounts and send them to someone else to do it for them"...That offends me because I'm not like that and I'm sure it would offend many more good taxidermists here too.
I'm not a part-timer here I'm doing this full-time and I do 99% of my own work, turkeys being the 1%.
Jeff@Jeff's Taxidermy

I disagree

This response submitted by Doug on 1/27/05 at 8:27 AM. ( )

It is a very common practice to "farm out" some work to other taxidermists. Very often doing so has nothing to do with the ability to do the work. Being "real busy" is no excuse for a lack of contact and I think it's professionally irresponsible to neglect communication with colleagues we deal with.


This response submitted by Jeff@Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/27/05 at 8:55 AM. ( )

I'm glad I'm not the only 1 out here that feels that way.

From what I'm hearing...

This response submitted by marty on 1/27/05 at 10:40 AM. ( )

I have to agree with Jeff in that this guy's blowing him off. Common courtesy would be to at least return the calls and provide a status.

Part of the problem may be that you've paid in full up front. I know for me I get kinda lazy if I don't have some cashola hanging out in front of me. Whereas I'm much more diligent about getting things done when that cabbage is out there for the taking! Because Mike comes recommended I suspect that this may be the case vs. him "ripping you off".

Personally, I would be ticked too because Mike doesn't have to answer to the customer. I would have to. In the future Jeff, you may wish turning down Turkey work. Or if you can do it (but just don't like doing it), charge a plenty to make it worth your while. And, don't wholesale anymore. As you can see when doing so, things can be out of your control. Good luck...


This response submitted by Alex on 1/27/05 at 11:22 AM. ( advancetaxidermyall@hotmail.com )

A guy can get over his head with work, he might have all the good intetntions to do the work for another taxidermists but he thinks of his regular customers first and in top of that, he has somebody hammering him with phone calls.

I know that I done that before and not answer when someone is bugging the hell out of me while iam trying to concentrate, I hav to decide whether to become a telephone operator or a taxidermist.

Jeff what type or zone where the turkeys from ?

Thanks guys

This response submitted by Jeff@Jeff's Taxidermy on 1/27/05 at 11:41 AM. ( )

Alex,turkey was an Eastern from Iowa in the 26 lb range with long curled up spurs very pointed too..
GUYS... I keep being told that the turkey in question IS done and was suppost to have been shipped a week ago Monday,and the other turkey is not as big deal just a breast mount that a buddy wanted done and he said he wasn't worried about it so much when it's done it's done.Also he has a pr of nice skunks he told me to send and he would power wash them and tan them for me.
Thanks for the support and hopefully this will be resolved very very soon without me having to spend a bunch of $$ and time in court to get this taken care of.

so just go gettem

This response submitted by jimsoverns on 1/27/05 at 1:29 PM. ( ironwolf_1@msn.com )

hop in the car and drive over and gettem,,,,,,,,,,,i dont care how many miles it is ,,,,,,,if this is bugging you this much,,,and it is,,,go get the turkey,imagine the look on his face when you show up,,,simple as that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jim

I called Ms. Cleo and there are turkeys in your future

This response submitted by Gantry on 1/27/05 at 1:38 PM. ( )

we as a society have been accustomed to getting something NOW, and I suspect you will see that in the end you haven't been BURNED only inconvenienced a bit, my prediction is this will all come out in the wash, and YOU will get your Turks, as promised, maybe not quite on time, but the birds will show up at Jeffs Taxidermy...this is not to imply its right to be inconvencienced, but I am sure there is a plausible excuse for all this, you will only be BURNED if you never get the birds, and I suspect this will not be the case.....

I think Mike Morgan's reply will tell it all

This response submitted by tomdes on 1/27/05 at 3:39 PM. ( )

At least his side of which it sounds like it was a tough year for him. It's up at the top...

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