A soap opera of Bad deals and hateful people....Why here?

Submitted by Kim on 1/27/05 at 7:45 PM. ( )

For some time, seems like every week, someone is getting shafted by so and so. Who's fault is it? Lack of planning and caution or is it just being too trusting? I know what it feels like to be cheated and lied to. We lost a few thousand dollars on several "sour" deals this past year. It was not our fault, but I am not going to name names unless it is a last resort. Most of the time these matters work out through other channels. But I try not to put it on the evening news! Perhaps I should. But that is not the best way to handle matters. Also, certain people could be held liable. Who knows anymore in a court of law anything is possible!

For what it is worth, we should not be getting a person's entire history of bad things and hard luck family tragedies along with the bad deals and business ventures. A special category would be nice. Matters like this should be handled on a personal, one to one basis. Not spread on the world internet.

Why spread it on the Internet?
To do so is only because the need is great by someone to inflict pressure, pain and embarrassment and to a lesser degree,suffering. Sort of a revenge tactic. It would be much better if this matter was handled in a professional way instead of airing the dirty laundry in public. Would you agree? Don't you get tired of reading post after post of explanition, detail after detail?

However, "revenge" has many forms and many victims across the country. It is sad that so many people find the need to lower the standards of this forum and use it in such a spiteful manner.

But then, if someone is "saved" from doing business with the "bad people", perhaps it has been worth the effort. What do you think?

Just my two cents worth.


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good post

This response submitted by oldshaver on 1/27/05 at 8:15 PM. ( )

I think you might have made a few people think a little more before taking action, or saying things they probablly shouldnt. I for one, could stand a little improvement. So could a couple more.


This response submitted by Kiwi on 1/27/05 at 8:20 PM. ( )

Taxidermist that's been taken for a ride by another taxidermist or client, they have done everything in there power to make contact with that other Taxidermist or client, but don't have any luck, no reply's to e-mail's or phone calls ( Caller ID is a wonderful, not that I have one..lol and there is many out there with it, it will be a sad sorry day that I ever get one because I am to scared to pick up the phone just incase its someone I don't want to talk to. if your on the other end of the phone and I don't want to talk to you....well.. those of you that know me have a good idea what I would say (-:

BUT! as soon as their name is posted on here they respond promptly and 9 times out of 10 they have zillion excuses or a Sad sob story to tell the world why they have not done what they should had done, then the person that complain in the first place ends up the bad guy, and the jerk that's been stuffing him or her around gets the sympathy Vote.

That's not right what they should do is contact the person and tell them that things are not great right now maybe you should fine a alternative and I will send the money back you sent me or sell the mount... Simple as that......But bullórap doesn't go to far really.....about 4 1/2 feet from the A$$ to the ground,..... HONESTY travels for ever in a day.

I myself have a similar situation, as in the next 2 days I am about to make a decision to sell a Clients head that he spent his lifesavings on a hunt here and does not have the money to pay me, its been here 2 1/2 years, I have contacted his mother his father his brother, sent him emails and finally he replied asking for some more time, So I added the cost of calls I made to the USA and a months storage to his bill, this still doesn't cover what I have lost on this deal But I'm happy with it,,,email him twice now asking for a response to this and not a word from him..........I know he is short of $$ this is why I waited 2 1/2 years but time has come now to make a decision and in all the years I been in taxidermy I have only ever sold one mount and that was with the Clients permission as he couldn't afford it so said sell it.

I guess that's just the way it is in this game...
thats my O/P


This response submitted by EARL on 1/27/05 at 10:16 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

I'm so sorry,I feel so bad posting rip-offs hear.It makes me laugh about the whiners,whining about people stating their beefs on tax/net.I guess every one is different,most might sit back and just let their selves get dumped on over and over again..I think if more people came forward instead of cowardly keeping their bad experiences to there selves,post it,tell it how it is,the hell with what "SOME" people think..If you get screwed "HAVE BALLS" tell all,maybe it won't happen to someone else.A guy last year posted a 8 1/4 x 24 1/2 body ,I sent $250.00 and it was shipped, he said, and weeks later after call after call I got a 7 1/2 x 21 shoulder cape , not what was for sale,not what I paid for..I sent it back and I never got a dime back from him..He never acknowleded the problem,ignored every call and every email..I posted this morons name and story here,not once but several times..Guess what, he never sold another thing on here again,at least under the name he screwed me with..I think that saved a few others from that thief..Some like the posts,some don't,the ones that don't are the ones that are most likly to post negative feelings,they are the "TRUE BLUE WHINERS"..There would be less maggots ripping people off if "TRUE" problems were posted..I for one am not going to let it happen,again that's me,if you have a problem reading these posts "DON'T" skip over it ,move on,read the newspaper,go to work,do something else other than read something you don't like..I do feel bad for the person that has the personal problems that keeps him for making a "ONE-MINUTE-PHONE-CALL" or take a minute to send that "EMAIL" it bugs the hell of the other person trying to get an answer,a honest answer,specially if the answer needs to be related back to a paying customer..Again I'm so sorry....EARL

Kim and Bad Deals

This response submitted by Wally on 1/27/05 at 10:29 PM. ( Swtaxidermy.com )

If people on this site advertise items for sale and you or anyone else as a buyer gets burned by this person and it is truly a ripoff then I believe they should be slandered on the internet. How else will other buyers know that the individual is a crook unless we tell everyone.

There is no catagory for feedback on sellers here, and we seem to have alot of trust in our fellow taxidermist, however everyone who post here is not our friend. 99% maybe but you have the 1% that will screw you if they have the chance. It has happened to me.

I for one, and I know alot of others would like to see a catagory for
feedback on buyers and sellers. If you don't say something when they rip you off, how will others know?

I find it interesting that those

This response submitted by Cecil on 1/27/05 at 11:02 PM. ( )

that have not been ripped off complain about the posts. If you've never been ripped off you don't know the pain.

I once sent a fish mounting stand for FREE as long as the receiver would reinburse me for the shipping. A month passed by and the sorry SOB didn't even have the decency to reinburse me for the shipping of something that was FREE! I posted the situation and got my reinbursement promptly. Funny how that works. LOL

I find THIS real interesting

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/27/05 at 11:21 PM. ( )

KIWI, I cant believe you just wrote this...

"...BUT! as soon as their name is posted on here they respond promptly and 9 times out of 10 they have zillion excuses or a Sad sob story to tell the world why they have not done what they should had done, then the person that complain in the first place ends up the bad guy, and the jerk that's been stuffing him or her around gets the sympathy Vote."

Boy thats just a shame. I figured us guys that KNEW the story would remain neutral. It was the same thing with you and that stupid chatroom, too...

Earl and Wally

This response submitted by Kim on 1/27/05 at 11:25 PM. ( )

As strange as it may sound,I agree with both of your posts. I just have to be careful about not getting too midevil with and about someone. Had to deal with a lowlife, "monkey pumping flit boy" the other day. I kinda want to take matters to the extreme. Good old military training, if.. you get my drift.

Earl, sometimes my "balls" get a little too big and, well, the old ways and days settle the matter. But then, a little physical exercise is good on a daily basis. Too bad we can't practice on the low lifes that rip people. But, I will try to be nice and work things out before I get personal. Sometimes the personal touch is very rewarding. Don't you think so?... Whatever it takes!

Anyway, as popular as this site is, I feel that there is plenty of justification for another catagory titled: Buyer and seller's feed back....or just plain "business feedback." What do you people think?


to Kim

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/27/05 at 11:31 PM. ( )

I know what youre saying, but its sorta like a catch-22. You dont wanna start a witch hunt, yet some feel the need to warn others. Theres always two sides, to the story as well as to whether to post or not. Theres been some real problems with guys that just dont keep their word as well as folks posing as legit sellers who just plan to rip off unsuspecting buyers. Some of these situations have been even tougher because they involved friends. I dont think theres going to be a clear answer. For the most part, if you dont know the seller, or cant find enough positive background, avoid the transaction. If youre ripped off, I suppose youll wanna post it here, regardless. I, like Kim, dont like to see it, but I see why its done. I normally just dont read them. Just like the skull (or scull, my fav mispelled word) boiling, I just skip the post altogether. I just hope Jeff and Mike get things resolved, theyre BOTH good guys.


This response submitted by EARL on 1/27/05 at 11:59 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

I find it not strange at all and I some what agree Kim ,but I only tolerate so much,"NOT MUCH".. When I am the one on the dirty end of the stick,no,no..As far as being nice,maybe that's your way,not mine at least not as much..I'm very good to my customers ,too good..The ones you are the nicest too are sometimes / usally the ones that dump on you,give them an inch they take you for a mile & a 1/2..Another New Yorker got me for 150.00+,I sent him 2 turkeys to mount for himself,I dealt with him before,no problems,so the "NICE" guy I am ,I sent them.For over a year and a half now I have been given every excuse in the book..Tried trading, got no where,just promises and promises and nothing,how nice do you want to be ? The last contact was I'm sorry I'm putting my daughter thru college,"SO WHAT" whats that got to do with the 3 whitetail capes you said you sent that I never got,even trading is not working..EARL

Bottom line

This response submitted by cur on 1/28/05 at 1:31 AM. ( )

All this [expletive deleted] talk about good and bad has nothing to do with the fact that this forum is about the taxi industry. The bottom line where derogatory posts are concerned is who did what to whom. If the perceived wrong is a pattern, then the accusor may be correct, if not, then the shoe may fit the other foot.

If someone perceives that they have been wronged,then they have the right to post that wrong on the forum. The accused has a similar right to post a defense. That is the nature of democratic barter.

If the accused is guilty, then only a lame defense may be offered as an excuse. If the accused is correct, then words in the form of actual statement will suffice for defense.

The bottom line is that if wrong has been done, then the wrong will be perceived - no matter the culprit!

There is nothing wrong with posting an accusation on the forum. The accused has the right to public defense, and to that decree, we all stand in judgement.

Personally, Bill, I don't see any analogy between Kiwi's chat and the subject at hand. After all, you used to have a good time on that chat, if I remember correctly.

Cur, what do you want to say?

This response submitted by Kim on 1/28/05 at 2:06 AM. ( )

Interesting statements and switching of subjects. Someone wants to say something....LMAO:: Does Cur have a burr to comb out?

Have a good one & goodnight!


Irony-Earl posing as the opressed

This response submitted by bg on 1/28/05 at 3:12 AM. ( )

Earl, I am so sick of reading about you screwing people on here that, it is almost funny that you act like a victim. Do you have Alzheimers or something? Plus, with your "people skills", you ought not give any advice to anyone.

Just a thought. Now I am waiting for your childish, non-spelling and profanity-laced response.

BG in Ohio

<><>HE HE HE <><>

This response submitted by EARL on 1/28/05 at 7:55 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

BG boy I wonder who this coward is,I guess it's some one I stiffed,tell your story MORON.


This response submitted by bigriverjeff on 1/28/05 at 11:42 PM. ( )

LOL @ uncle yoxxy good job


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/29/05 at 1:52 AM. ( )

May I tactfully say that, if you indeed do not follow what I adressed to Kiwi, why comment? Its a reference to Mike and Kiwis past if you must know...he does. Perhaps as you might also recall, I left the chat over that very thing and enjoyed myself at the chat made available because of that same thing...

I just wondered

This response submitted by cur on 1/30/05 at 3:28 PM. ( )

Bill,I missed the turn of events on the chat, and just wondered what made the chat analogous with anything else. I was not involved with the chat for a long time, and have no clue about what took place there. I read your comments with interest, but wondered about the chat comment. I can neither agree or disagree with you about the circumstance with Mike (I assume Morgan) and the chat, either, since I had quit participating before you left. Honestly, I do not know what happened between parties. Nor do I care. I was just curious, that is all.

And Kim, I DO NOT have a burr under my saddle....The statement I made had nothing to do with changing the subject, but rather to defend the right to accuse and defend. That seems inherent in any democratic format. Personally, I don't hang out my laundry here, and feel that problems with another fall under the heading of private business. I don't need the forum to settle affairs, but others may not feel that way.

I don't know about other folks, but I can't say that I have ever had some of the problems outlined in the subjective posts. My dealings have always been with reputable sources. I am not prone to bargain shop or buy from posters on this forum. There are too many reliable sources for pelts and products, and I would rather use them than take a chance on the if come.

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