last britanica quiz not done ?

Submitted by Bradlee on 1/28/05 at 3:57 PM. ( )

Just checked the last quiz and doesn't seem to be finished . Just posting my answers here . Glen , could you let me know how close I got ?
1. Killed
2. Bumble Bee Tuna ( was the only brand I could find in the meat museaum link ) But , In that time also was VanCamp , and Starkist tuna plants in operation .
3. Black
4. Industrial alcohol . The swamp plant called the Nipah Palm (Nipah Fruiticans )can be boiled and it's sugars fermented to produce industrial alcohol . This is made today using corn.
5. George Mestrel got the idea from trying to get cockle burs out of his dogs fur . He was fascinated by how well they clung to the fur so he looked at one under his microscope and saw all the tiny barbs of the bur and got the idea for velcro.
6. False . Glass is melted sand so it is closer to liquid form than solid.
7. Quaker Oats Company / Ken-L Ration
8. False. It was found in the late 19th century by a German biologist.1943 , Oswald Avery proved dna carries genetic information .1948 , Linus Pauling discovered that many proteins take the shape of an alpha helix spiraled like a coil spring.1950 , Erwin Chargaff found that the arrangement of nitrogen bases in dna varied widley. These discoveries were the foundation for the later description of dna .
9. Echo
10. Deposited by flies that lay live larvae instead of eggs
bonus question . Not Dobie Gillis best friend as he was a hipster hooked on jazz . Not Al cause he is a cartoon for Mad Magazine. So , That I guess leaves Gantry .

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Bradlee, you are the quiz kid.

This response submitted by Glen on 1/28/05 at 4:40 PM. ( )

I was wondering if anyone was going to figure out all the answers were not in one post.

I would have to look again, but I think all the answers I was looking for are there except one.

Use this letter scramble to fill in the blank. eeanbcs


This response submitted by Bradlee on 1/28/05 at 8:17 PM. ( )

Is the only word that can be made by the letters you give Glen. So , I researched more on Question number 3 about the black and white crappie sciatic nerve as I can not find it fits anywhere else . Crappie are of the class osteichthyes or some where like that . The sciatic nerve in in our lower back and can cause leg problems and such . Crappie I say have the absence of this nerve I think. Neither of the two have a longer sciatic nerve . Bradlee

U did good.

This response submitted by Glen on 1/28/05 at 9:57 PM. ( )

Quiz kid.

Thank You,

This response submitted by Bradlee on 1/29/05 at 9:37 AM. ( )

Thank You Very Much! LOL Now where didi I put that jelly donut ? LOL

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