Submitted by mysterio on 1/28/05 at 8:49 PM. ( )

bygolly- how about this proposal...those inmates get offered the'
opportunity to serve in iraq for the duration of the war in service to their country,in exchange for a reduced sentence or even time served and released back into society?

think we would have any takers? i think not.

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wouldn't work

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 1/29/05 at 9:18 AM. ( )

Our military is a diciplined well trained elite group . Sending criminals into this arena would be a disaster of high regret . I understand where you are comming from however . I think it would be a good idea to practice torture techniques on them to see what works best and what causes the most pain ! what do you think bygolly gomer ? oh the possibilities ! :^)

Yes ByGolly Your right.

This response submitted by ByGolly on 1/29/05 at 10:36 AM. ( )

Since your Nazi sherrif runs a county jail, most prisoners are in there for misdeameanors, 6 months or less, so I doubt if they want to go to Iraq to beat a traffic ticket. Also, according to there records 24.6% of Adolph's "prisoners" are veterans who hwave already performed there duties for their country. (ASU Recidivism Study.)

I think we could find a better way to treat these criminal veterans perhaps even help them a little.

But since the majority wants to throw away the key, torture and degrade them, who am I to stand in the way. You win, break out the cattle prods and rubber hoses. Let's teach them not to go around speeding, shoplifting, writing bad checks, being 15 minutes late for work release, or engaging in prostitution.

Lets just cut off their hands for stealing, cut their tongues out for perjury and sex organs for prostitution.

Heck might as well give them the death penalty and deny their spouses an abortion, but that would be to kind, they wouldn't suffer enough.

Your right and when I'm wrong I admit it.

Sherriff Joe for President!

Matter of fact isn't there an election coming up in Iraq where his conduct is already legal?

You can

This response submitted by Alex on 1/29/05 at 3:20 PM. ( )

TELL YOUR SHERIFF <HE IS A NAZI,Running a concentration Camp.


This response submitted by mysterio on 1/29/05 at 6:56 PM. ( )

all the "barbaric" countries who practice these methods have
a much lower
crime rate than the U.S. and have really cut down on repeat


This response submitted by ByGolly on 1/30/05 at 12:35 AM. ( )

If their system works as you say then why are we over there trying to change them? Explain to me why a conservative republican would want to interfere with such a wonderful system. I new at being a republican and need ome guidance.


This response submitted by B on 1/30/05 at 9:13 AM. ( )

All this bullcrap is taxidermy related, HOW?

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