World Show Questions

Submitted by John M on 1/29/05 at 8:46 AM. ( )

How does the professional division at a state show compare to the professional at the world show? Is it harder or pretty much the same? Also, I looked through the phamplet sent and couldn't find an answer. I'm doing a laying down deer with only one front leg what category would that go in? Thanks to those that respond. John

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This response submitted by George on 1/29/05 at 9:19 AM. ( )

Competitions are designed to be much like the game of football. Though some states are large enough to have tougher criteria, the competition levels are like high school, college, and the NFL. When you list State, Regional, National, and World, they fall in that same order. You're going to be competing with the best of the best.

Your deer, regardless of the leg count is going to be in the "lifesized" category.


This response submitted by Randy D. on 1/29/05 at 9:49 AM. ( )

I competed last time at the world show. I brought some of the same pieces I entered in the Masters at state show. At state I recieved a first with three bass at world I recieved a third in proff. I recieved a second at state with a burbot in masters and a first at world show in proff. Our state show said to the judge judge it like it was the world show. I have Judged every major show including the world show. Also I have competed at every Major show and there is always some problems. This year though at the world show it will be different. Acording to the rules three different judges will judge indivigle in different categorys and their scores added. This will be the fairest way I have seen yet. In the past I have said I would not compete anymore at this show because of the way it was judged in the past. Because of the way it will be judged this year the rules I have read in breakthrew mag. I just might compete. But if I do it will be for best in world or master of masters. My advice to you if entering the proff. divison at the world show is to do more detail than you would do for a customer mount. Thats is where I made my mistake when I entered the proff last time. You will have a better deal this year in proff divison this year the way I see it. If at a state show you do good in the masters divison or in proff divison does not mean you will do good at proff at the world show. It all depends what is entered at any show and the way the rules are and that can change also so be readyn for anything to happen. My advice to you is have a lot of reference and put hours and hours into it. You will have to do the best you can do not let anything slide. Or think well it is just the proff. divison. Randy D.


This response submitted by John M on 1/29/05 at 10:11 AM. ( )

George and Randy. I talked my wife into letting me go so will give it a try. Looking forward to seeing you there. I'll be the guy in the bar crying in my beer.

Don't be scared

This response submitted by Jan Van Hoesen on 1/29/05 at 10:49 AM. ( )

Don't be afraid to enter a mount at the World. I've judged it about three times I see some very good mounts and some very bad ones. In the professional class I tend to be rather hard on the ones at the top of the line. In other words they need to deserve a blue to get one. Those at the low end I overlook some things as I know what it took to even enter for some of you. You have nothing to lose by entering and everything to gain (knowledge) You will have a great time and learn so much that it certainly will be worth your effort.

The beer is the reward!

This response submitted by Ken R. Walker on 1/29/05 at 9:59 PM. ( () )

I always look forward to that 1st beer after all my mounts are tucked away in the competition room.Remember,that beer is your friend!Don`t cry!focus on the beer.

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