Enough said on Website

Submitted by Wally on 1/29/05 at 3:37 PM. ( SWtaxidermy )

All I was trying to get across here was the Lady needs some work. I think she did a good job on mine and some others as well. Evidently some of you have no idea what it takes to create and setup a website and personally I do not like alot of Jason stuff(Black backgrounds, blurred wording) almost impossible to read. Please do not get me wrong here, He has done good on alot of sites, However I for one do not like animations or cartoonish looking pages on my site. As far as keywords go they are all there for my site or could be for anyones. I have used many search engines on Taxidermy and I don't see any of his coming up other than, and I am not sure he did these (Glen Conley, Bob Mead, Amy Ritchey) It takes time for web crawlers to pickup keywords. You will not be on every search engine automatically and instantly.I know some of the ones responding to my initial message understands this (some do not)So like I said, ENOUGH SAID!

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Well Wally

This response submitted by JP on 1/29/05 at 4:48 PM. ( )

Where is your website? ? ? ? ? ? Since you are such an expert and all!


This response submitted by Wally on 1/29/05 at 6:26 PM. ( SWtaxidermy@aol.com )

JP whoever you are, I do not claim to be an expert by no means, I just know a little about how things work. If you need my website address it is SouthernWildlifeTaxidermy.com. I did not see a response from you on the first post I made, so evidently you know nothing about what has been said about it. Like I said enough is enough. This could go on for ever and as far as I am concerned it's over so lets drop it!

Not Impressed at all!

This response submitted by jp on 1/29/05 at 8:18 PM. ( )

Wally I am not impressed at all. Your photos suck and the work is only so so. Your site has nothing on any of Jasons sites.

Just wondering.....

This response submitted by Kim on 1/29/05 at 8:23 PM. ( )

Just wondering, would it be better for you two and others interested in "sparring" to e-mail each other directly?



This response submitted by marty on 1/29/05 at 8:33 PM. ( )

What's wrong with black backgrounds! My site has a black background - lol!

Not using a black background is a general guideline in web design 101. It can be pulled off successfully. It just takes a little more effort to do so. If I remember correctly, a couple of sites with black backgrounds (that Jason did) also looked pretty good. All a matter of opinion anyway. If it brings in work, then who cares if it's got a PLAID background - lol!



This response submitted by Me on 1/29/05 at 9:49 PM. ( )

Your fish look real good, the other site I don't know if I like the Chinese eyes on those deers,but maybe florida deer have asiatic eyes ?


This response submitted by ByGolly on 1/30/05 at 12:40 AM. ( )

I prefer a white background. Can you see the polar bear mount?

Hey, It's a Free Country

This response submitted by Jason the Nuttyhost Guy on 2/1/05 at 6:54 PM. ( jason@nuttyhost.com )

No worries here. I just want to say right off the bat, thank you to the many who had such nice words to say about me with this. I was out ice fishing this last week otherwise I would have posted right away. Also, I want to say that I have no ill feelings towards Wally or Wally's Wife, so please do not take this thread as a negative look upon you, I think that this is a free country and anyone should be allowed to offer up a service for what we can do for taxidermists. The only things I want to say about your site is that it is loading slow on my computer too and you probably want to put some more META tag information on there, but it is not bad. Remember, not everyone has high speed yet, so it should be faster loading for the 56k modem people. Check it out with a Netscape browser, maybe it is just with those IE browsers that it loads faster? You probably want to consider removing the frames and scripts as well since not everyone's browser supports them, which is another reason why the site might be loading slowly. But, if you are using the templates with this, I am not sure if it allows you to not have the scripts. If you know how to make them from scratch using something like Dreamweaver, then you should try doing it that way. Other than that, it is an ok site and hope you guys get some orders from it. So, please do not take this negatively, but rather a little help to get you started. I really do wish you the best and hope you can make some sites for some of the taxidermists out there who need them.

I think that what I offer is a real good deal for taxidermists looking for a web site. At only $12.99 a month (at this time) and a one-time $20 you really can't go wrong. http://www.nuttyhost.com/taxidermyspecial.html I also do updates throughout the subscription for free.

Yes, I am trying to get as many hosting clients as I can and I am willing to put for the hours of labor to do what I enjoy for you just to get the small amount of only $165 per year right now, yes per YEAR. Since I spend an average of about 30 hrs with updates, design and all the other hoopla that goes on with this over the year, I get less than $6 an hour. I know it seems nutty to do this and I am a little nutty (in a good way :), but I enjoy doing this alot and have developed a bunch of new friends. Also, with the help of hidetanning.net and Glen Conley, we have been able to get high ranking on a lot of sites when you put in my clients state and TAXIDERMIST after it. Not just TAXIDERMIST. Maybe down the road my sites will be able to get in on that one individual keyword, but it is tough keyword to get top rankings on without paying pay per click advertising, for which you would spend a fortune and get poor results since people from Europe and other countries or non-locals might click on your page, but once they see you are in the U.S. they will just look elsewhere, but they would still get charged their click cost. I do not sell or SPAM my clients about advertising or anything else, but I would tell them how to do it if they asked.

Also, about the backgrounds: I agree, dark colors for backgrounds are not really a great color to go with unless you have some contrasting images and text to go with it, but I do what my client desires, for which I know you will run into that after you get some web site customers.

I am not sure what you mean by the blurred text and would like to know which site(s) you are referring to please.

Also, I do not use a Front Page editor with "cookie cutter" web site templates. To be honest, pretty much everything I make is from scratch using the content my clients give me, with the exception of some partial graphics I used from a template on one site, but I would say 99% are all me. All of my logos are by me, none are templates, with the exception of the logos that some of my clients already had and I reworked them to incorporate them into their site.

I actually use an old version of software that probably no one uses anymore, but it seems to help with our high rankings, so I am sticking with it, but FrontPage is ok, just that it has some restrictions.

I know I am not the greatest web designer out there, nor the worst, but it seems to be working for my clients.

I can take on only 7 more clients right now at $12.99 a month, but I am raising it to $15.99 a month after these 7 since I am repeatedly told that I am not charging enough for these services. I realize it may go out of the realm of what some taxidermists are willing to pay, but the visibility and payback is well worth it, not to forget to mention that you can feel more "21st century" by having your web site address on your business cards and show your potential local customers what you can do. I'm not sure, but I think a stack of business cards are about the same price as what I can do for Taxidermists, yet you cannot get all your pictures and text on a 2x3 card like you can on the web sites I have created. I'm tellin' ya, this is worth your investment.

I'll even back it up with one of my famous nutty guarantees: If you don't make your investment back on the taxidermy web site I make for you over your year subscription, I will refund you and you can keep the site. I am confident that you will make your investment back each year, most likely alot more, but if you don't, ya got nothing to lose. You would just have to find another host though, which would most likely be anywhere from $8-15 a month anyway, and that's just for hosting, no updates, no toll free number to call with questions. It's a win/win situation for us all. Take advantage of my offer while you still can and start making some orders you probably are missing out on since so little know you even have a taxidermy shop.

Again, I hope I have not offended anyone, because that is not my intention.

Best regards,

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