Sorry Didin't Know

Submitted by Brndn on 1/31/05 at 2:48 PM. ( )

I didn't know i needed a license

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 1/31/05 at 8:14 PM. ( )

Not sure what your referring to. I don't know what state your in, but in my state (NC) you do not need a license unless your doing taxidermy for profit. If your just doing your own stuff because you are trying to learn or because you really enjoy it, then your fine, as long as there is no monetary transaction. Call your state wildlife resource commission, they should be able to help you. Marc R

Not Hard to get License

This response submitted by ByGolly on 1/31/05 at 9:00 PM. ( )

If you can fog a mirror and pay some democrat bureacrat a fee you can get a license.

Here in PA........

This response submitted by Nina (Doe) on 1/31/05 at 9:50 PM. ( )

.......It'll be a bit complicated for me to get my license. I'll have to take a few mounts and do a demonstration on a step in mounting and take some test, and I'm going to have to pass to make it. But that won't be until I can get a few mounts done first...

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