carcass casting question

Submitted by Michael R. on 1/31/05 at 6:52 PM. ( )

just wanting to know the step for carcass casting any one know. because the only thing i know is you have to cut off the head and clean the meat and flesh what other steps is there and how do you mold them. Michael

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already know about video

This response submitted by michael on 1/31/05 at 6:57 PM. ( )

know it.


This response submitted by cur on 1/31/05 at 7:30 PM. ( )

That is too long a process to detail here. If I were to outline it for you, you would have questions and before it was over, we would have done a book. If you know about Sally's video, buy it and save yourself a lot of effort. I use a different process, but her's works. I have seen the video and it is thorough and complete.

Here ya go.

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 1/31/05 at 11:47 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol ) Go there and look in her journal for Dec. 2002. Should give you a good start. Good Luck! Jeff F.

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