Mountains out of Molehills

Submitted by cur on 2/1/05 at 11:08 AM. ( )

I read the threads following Kiwi's posting to Bill Yox with interest. So many words, so little content. First of all, I am going to fess up about one of Bill's statements - and that being it was me who called Yox about the chat statement. I didn't call Bill to ask anything more than what had taken place to cause such a stir. I also talked to Kiwi later on, when he phoned me.

Here is my assessment:

First of all Bill's reputation preceded this forum and his "fame" is the result of innovation, hard work and self-criticism - and NOT the result of posting his name on these pages. Some people may hit the lottery and become famous over night by way of chance, but most people who do acheive a modicom of fame EARN it the hard way. And that is how a fellow named Yox from Brockport, New York became known in this industry. Bill is also the consummate politician, crafting his words carefully, defending his friends and taking care not to injure the feelings of others. Any derogatory statements about Bill are not well founded - even from someone who works, "80 hours a week".

Kiwi is a very intense individual. He is also an innovative, creative, and very hard working taxidermist. I respect the gentleman not for who he is, but how he is, and am sorry to see him so upset over so little. When he phoned me, I told him that whatever happened, nothing was worth being so upset - and, Kiwi, it still isn't. You and Bill Yox have far more in common than either may realize, and I think that if ever the two of you sat down at a table over a brew, those commonalities would be so evident that there would be no further discussion. The only difference is that you, Kiwi, perceive a wrong, and Bill actually did no wrong as I see it.

This isn't about a chat, or fame, or how many hours someone works, it is a molehill that has grown to mountain size with a supporting cast of many. Both Kiwi and Yox are well known for their skills and industry. To deride either is a waste of words and not a small indication of jealousy, in my estimation. Wayne, I think you should bury the hatchet, and Bill, I think that many of your words and actions were mis-read. The shorts have been aired, and it is time to move on to more productive sweat. Stuff happens, and we move on, so let's just move this on and get back to slapping hide paste and baseball stitches.

Mr Wannabie, I can respect your schedule, and you have my empathy, since I have been on that schedule myself for 40 years, and am growing to like it. When you talk about the hours you work, you are just stating that you are one of us, and not something special. Bill Yox earned his reputation the hard way, and he damn well deserves the accolades. That he takes time to contribute to this forum is a testiment to his generosity, and not his ego. Many of us take time to respond to the questions posted on this forum, and not for the reasons you perceive. Personally, I spend a total of maybe an hour a day on here, split into five minute intervals. Now I am an artist, and not a commercial taxidermist. After years of participation on this forum, I don't find my phone ringing off the hook with demands for my art, and doubt seriously it will after more years of participation. If you post a question, I will try to answer it if it is within my realm of expertise, as will most contributors. And, regardless of perceived reasons for those postings, they are informative, generous and FREE for the asking.

Let's all bury the dang hatchet and get on with life. Wayne, meet Bill. Bill meet Wayne. Screw the past, Wayne........whatever happened is not a slight to you, and certainly isn't a slight to Bill Yox. Leave it be. I would rather talk to you about hunting in New Zealand or the progress of your daughter instead of this Horse Hockey...

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with an end in mind...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/1/05 at 11:41 AM. ( )

This is far from my first disagreement with Kiwi. Im not really even bothered by this one. Ive already stated in the previous thread about his good points. He and I will probably always butt heads here and there. Yet I always will welcome his phone call. If I truly did misinterpret his comments the other day, thats fine. I already made my point and so did he.

The part that dissappoints me most is when a second party zips in and uses the situation to take acception to all that bothers them, all without the decency of a name. They could even post the name privately. I find myself arguing with some faceless post and defending myself. Differences in opinions posted in these forums can be anonomous with no real problems, if you so choose. But personal attacks? Come on, step up and at least be a man. Its just how its done.

You know, the funny thing about all this? The guys you sometimes are a bit too critical of are all too often the very guys who step up on your behalf...another lesson learned by me. Thank you.


This response submitted by tomdes on 2/1/05 at 1:07 PM. ( )

20 years ago when 'We are the World' was sung by all those famous 'artists', there was a sign posted above the doorway entrance into the recording studio states: 'Please leave egos here at doorway". Maybe Ken could put up the same banner when we enter this site. The human ego is a very fragile thing. Go post Cur, and good comment Bill on the gutless cheapshot posters, that drives everyone nuts! People that know you will always defend you no matter what, that is also human nature. The few times that I've met you and sat in on your deer seminar is enough for me to judge you as a class act and a gentlemen.. Well, I may hold that gentlemen statement until I've been drinking with you someday. This post has a good message for everyone that uses this site, don't judge people, don't throw daggers, treat people as you'd like to be treated and most of all USE LOT'S OF COMMON SENSE!


This response submitted by tomdes on 2/1/05 at 2:51 PM. ( )

Should have read, Good post Cur, or maybe "You go Cur" but not Go post Cur, you already did that!

Your not a bad little politician yourself Cur .... (-:

This response submitted by Kiwi on 2/1/05 at 7:26 PM. ( )

the simplest way to put a end this matter Cur before it got out of control would had been for Bill to say I'm sorry... I JUST "PRESUMED"... that I was having a dig at Mike Morgan..

Bill Yoxs as for not emailing you privately..... well vice versa you know my email you could had emailed me before you posted your comment and ask my reasoning for the comment ( works both Ways)

On a more lighter note!
Cur I think maybe to many drinks on this comment you made.......................! You and Bill Yox have far more in common than either may realize,!

Later ...

I promised TL that this was end of this matter.......and that I would get my butt back into the shop mounting so I can take her on a hunting and fishing hoilday next month. .....and she's the only one that Scares ME!


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