Well, had two customers come today to...

Submitted by marty on 2/1/05 at 1:47 PM. ( )

...pick up their Christmas presents - lol!

Still got one more that bugged me three weeks BEFORE Christmas to make sure it was done. All had 50% deposits. I've already called this last customer 3 times. Kinda hope he's a no-show. It's a nice, big pike and would make a nice display specimen (I don't catch too many pike where I'm at - actually, NONE!)

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This response submitted by John M on 2/1/05 at 2:55 PM. ( )

have a big pike that NEEDED to be done by X-mas (50% dep. plus 100.00 rush)hope he doesn't try saying he doesn't owe the extra 100.00!

Hmmm . . .

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 2/1/05 at 3:01 PM. ( jds@jerrystringer.net )

Just so I understand this correctly . . .

You charged him an extra $100 for a rush job . . . didn't meet the deadline . . . and now you don't think he should get his money back?

Jerry S.


This response submitted by Paul B on 2/1/05 at 3:14 PM. ( bears@att.net )

Looks to me like he met the deadline, but the client never picked it up in time fir Christmas.



This response submitted by John M on 2/1/05 at 4:57 PM. ( )

didn't pick it up. I had it done X-mas eve as per our agreement. NO he will not get his money back and he has storage and dusting fees accumulating as well.

Marty and John M

This response submitted by Jim B on 2/1/05 at 7:05 PM. ( )

I had a friend who was having the same problem.The following year he made them pay 100% up front before he started those Christmas projects.Problem solved.

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