Wood packaging materials (WPM)

Submitted by Jaco Haar on 2/1/05 at 2:27 PM. ( jacoshaar@mweb.co.za )

Please note that the issues regarding acceptable packaging materials is not only a South African
requirement, It is also applicable for cargo destined to the EU and the USA. If fact the USA and Canada were the main instigators to promogate the regulation through the WTO.

Attached please also find the USA import criteria for WPM.
It will be useful for your suppliers in AFRICA to visit the SA Agriculture website. All the required information regarding WPM is there.
The address is. www.nda.agric.za Go to Regulatory & other services..Go to NPPO... Go to Wood Packaging Materials.

Kind regards
Jaco Haar

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Thats SWPM or Solid wood packing material and each country has their own regulations. Call your local State Ag or Vist the USDA web page.

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