RE: Brian Quail

Submitted by Bob Mead on 2/1/05 at 4:20 PM. ( )

Anyone who has or has not recieved their items from Mr. Quail, please email me. I am accumulating facts related to this fiasco for use at a later date.

Brian, if you read this, I strongly suggest you get in contact with the people you made deals with and follow through...immediately if not sooner. Thank you for your PROMPT attention to this matter.

Bob Mead

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Well, I dealt with him and he WAS punctual with me

This response submitted by George on 2/1/05 at 5:33 PM. ( )

I've seen this twice on here, one of them recanted. I sent him a check and I've had my merchandise for several weeks now.

You are in the minority, Geo

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 2/1/05 at 6:15 PM. ( )

Thing is, I want my items just like everyone else. I, like you, sent my check several weeks ago. It was promptly cashed. Now we'll see what happens. At the very least, the lack of communication will prevent me from doing business with this person in the future. I will post it if my stuff ever shows up, but I have nothing to recant.

No bears yet

This response submitted by Pat on 2/13/05 at 8:04 AM. ( )

sent money order for 2 tanned bears on 1/9/05 to this guy.No bears or any info yet.Getting ready to contact the athorities also.I know sometimes things happen but let us know.won't anwser any emails either.

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