What's the Highest prices in the land?

Submitted by Darroll on 2/2/05 at 1:09 AM. ( page8889@aol.com )

I've seen a lot of post's over the year's talking about someone charging lower prices... But I'd be curious, and maybe it'd get some people thinking, Let's hear some examples of the highest prices around, and maybe include some reason's, explanation's for them. Let's say for deer shldr mt's, elk size shldr mt's,fish per inch, and bear rug's per ft.(and anything else you'd like to include). I charge 450, 850, 12 per in., and 125 ft., respectively, and still feel, with all the hour's involved, that I'd need to double them to really make a decent living !

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High Quality

This response submitted by Ron on 2/2/05 at 1:17 AM. ( )

Making a living is fine but forget about high prices for a minute, what happened to high quality, you hardly ever here that phrase anymore.

I worked for a guy

This response submitted by Mike H. on 2/2/05 at 2:43 AM. ( )

this past season that charged 650.00 for deer shoulder mounts.


This response submitted by Hogger on 2/2/05 at 4:01 AM. ( )

Seem to recall some Taxi outfit by the last name "Klineburger" (?) that charged an arm and leg. Can't recall where he's out of or if he still does the work. Maybe one of the old timers who "get around" would know? He did all the mounts for the "World Wildlife Museum" in Honolulu. This place (when it existed) was the coolest. It was a pet project of an old millionaire japanese guy from Honolulu that hunted everywhere and killed everything and had it stuffed, full bodies mostly. He then bought out an old bowling alley and turned it into a "trophy room" and charged the public to come and see. Anyway, I saw was told that all this taxi work was done by this Klineburger dude and I saw a sheet of his prices. Can't recall the numbers now but I know that I was floored when I saw them. This was a good 15 years ago I think?

High Quality

This response submitted by Darroll on 2/2/05 at 8:16 AM. ( page8889@aol.com )

Ron, Guess I should have mentioned the quality issue. Usually,(granted, not alway's)higher prices follow quality. I feel I'm producing well researched, well produced quality work, and am assuming the higher priced shop's out there are doing the same. I guess my intent on starting this thread was to let people get an idea of the top end possibilities pricewise, I feel there's alot of top quality work being produced out there, for far less than really ought ot be charged.

High Price and Quality to match

This response submitted by A.E. Walsh on 2/2/05 at 8:30 AM. ( info@aewalshtax.com )

A guy down the road gets $650 all day long for deer heads, and the quality is well worth the price. Curiously enough, he's raised his priced $150 over the last two years to try and keep his quantity down, but each year it's only gone up. Doesn't advertise, doesn't have a website and doesn't compete anymore...but I've been down there and seen a line at the bay doors with deer to drop off.

My hat's off to him.



This response submitted by Mark H on 2/2/05 at 10:42 AM. ( haskees@access4less.net )

The only Klineburger's (sp) that I can recall was the Studio in Seattle. I visited there in 1982. I think they've merged into a world wwide booking agent and taxidermy studio now, don't know for sure.


This response submitted by Bob Mead on 2/2/05 at 11:00 AM. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

My studio prices on your inquiry are as follows:


$875 ($975 Bugling)

$12.50 per inch

$150 per linear foot

I'm not the highest priced in the state, but far from the lowest.

Bob Mead

Kleinberger Brothers Taxidermy

This response submitted by mike d on 2/2/05 at 11:24 AM. ( )

Kleinberger Bros were located in Seattle, right off of I-5; I vivited there in '92.
According to the receptionist they had the only complete collection of lifesize sheep mounts in the world on display in their showroom.
Originally the Studio was established by Jonas Bros in the early 1950's to handle all of the work that came in with the "opening" of Alaska.
Kleinbergers' became the managers for the Jonas' and the eventually bought the studio when Jonas decided to downsize their company in the '60's or 70's.

Awesome display; some top notch people worked for them over the years; I was told that they closed the doors because they retired and had no family interested in continuing in the business.


This response submitted by Jim B on 2/2/05 at 11:25 AM. ( )

I know several people that get $700 plus for deer,$1200 for elk,$25.00 an inch for fish,not sure about bear rugs.$3500 for LS black bear,deer etc.

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