Submitted by Mike H. on 2/2/05 at 2:42 PM. ( )

I,m about to purchase a fleshing machine.
If I wait untill the world show, can I get one cheaper there?

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This response submitted by Griz on 2/2/05 at 5:28 PM. ( )

plus you don't pay shipping

only if.....

This response submitted by rj on 2/2/05 at 9:53 PM. ( )

only if you are registered at the competition.

unless something has either have to be a competitor or buy an $80 one day pass in order to get into the supplier room.

thats really too bad too.....i could spend a ton of money in there, but i cant afford to compete there.

i really wish they would let liscensed taxidermists in the suppler room with proof of being liscensed from their state or belonging to a state association. all i could do last time was look in through the doors, but they wouldnt let me go in.

One day pass

This response submitted by DEERMEISTER on 2/2/05 at 11:24 PM. ( )

is $45.00 or $55.00 after March 1.

Better call...

This response submitted by rc on 2/3/05 at 7:18 AM. ( )

a couple of suppliers and be sure they are bringing the models you are interested in. There will probably be several fleshing wheels available there but it wouldn't hurt to be sure.

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