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Submitted by Liz Donaldson on 2/3/05 at 7:44 PM. ( reflectionsofnaturetaxidermy"at"hotmail"dot"com )

This may sound like a stupid question, but this will be the first year I have gotten an opportunity to go to Worlds, and I was wondering what everyone wears to the banquet? I don't want to be overdressed or underdressed, ya know? Thank you all. Responses may be directed to the email addy above or to this post. Thanks, ya'll!

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This response submitted by Mr. T on 2/3/05 at 8:26 PM. ( )

I will be wearing blue jeans from Sears, socks from Cabella's, underwear from Wal-Mart, and a shirt from Gander Mountain. And for shoes, I am torn between my camo Danner boots, and my running shoes. I am thinking of maybe a camo hat also? What do you think?


This response submitted by Liz Donaldson on 2/3/05 at 9:06 PM. ( reflectionsofnaturetaxidermy"at"hotmail"dot"com )

Very funny. Sounds good to me. (Cabela's has one L though) hehe. Sorry. I'm a little anal about picking stuff out like that, cuz I proofread at my other job all day.
I was thinking more along the lines of a dress for myself, but if everyone else wears jeans, I'll be wearing my western shirt jeans, a cow'girl' hat, and my cow'girl' boots. We shall see.


Mr. T...

This response submitted by marty on 2/3/05 at 10:15 PM. ( )

...yer wearin underwear?


This response submitted by George on 2/3/05 at 10:39 PM. ( )

Like most taxidermy affairs, you'll see all modes of dress. Everyone wears their best. The rednecks tend to wear gallused denim overalls with their T-shirts and oil stained camo hunting caps. The middle tier wear their pressed jeans with the big cowboy buckles and diamond cut shirts with stetsons and roach killer cowboy boots. The rest of us dress from "semi-formal to formal". It's one of the few things many of us have left in life to get "dressed up for" since the prom was eons ago. It IS the World Show and being decked out isn't such a bad impression to give, BUT if you don't feel like it, you'll have dozens of others dressed "comfortably" just like you. (#1) Don't sweat small stuff, and (#2)EVERYTHING is small stuff.

Jacket & tie, dress clothes, semi-formal

This response submitted by ZZ Top on 2/4/05 at 7:30 AM. ( )

This year the WTC is being filmed by the BBC. You have the opportunity to help taxidermy look like a professional occupation. Then again you can wear your working rags and camouflage overalls and keep the dumb@$$ ignorant dropout Norman Bates image that we have been fighting for 50 years.

Okay. Thank you.

This response submitted by Liz Donaldson on 2/4/05 at 12:15 PM. ( above. )

Thank you all. I do have a very nice formal dress to wear to the show that I wanted to wear, but didn't know if it was appropriate. So I suppose that's what I'll do. Thanks again.


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