Iraqi Citizens in U.S.

Submitted by Marc A on 2/4/05 at 2:00 PM. ( )

There are thousands of Iraqi citizens in the U.S. who came to escape from Hussans Iraq. Well, he's gone and U.S. soldiers and civilians are dieing for freedom in Iraq. It's time these folks if able bodied pick up and go over to do there part, not wait and reap the rewards of a Free Iraq paid for with the blood of Americans. It just rubs me raw to see them on the news, cheering and smilling, but yet they are still in the good ole USA !

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Who will run the Quick Stops?

This response submitted by John C on 2/4/05 at 2:16 PM. ( )

That would make many motels, qiuck stop up for sale. Ruin our economy

Hell most of the Veterans Admin Dr.s are from the Mid-east, you dont know what that would do to the VA hospitals.

John C

This response submitted by Alan Childs on 2/4/05 at 4:56 PM. ( )

Glad to see you back on here, I hope you are doing well. I had wondered where you had been. Take Care.


if they had the balz

This response submitted by SK on 2/5/05 at 1:50 PM. ( )

If half of those people had any nads things would have never gotten that bad in the first place. Wanna whip me with a branch in the street for something stupid? There wouldn't be enough left of'm to pickle. Another bit of food for thought...if Hitler woulnd't have taken guns the jews wish they would have had a second ammendment.

Hitler lead by deception and secrecy

This response submitted by Craig on 2/5/05 at 4:43 PM. ( )

The Jews didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. Extermination camps were kept secret and if they weren't the leadership was removed for more efficient ones.

I agree these Iraqi citizens should be looking to move back home but unfortunately they have found that life in America is GOOD and possibly don't want to leave. Many have found jobs and are sending money home to support their extended families. Our government won't kick them out and probably never will.

Craig, agree with deception and secrecy but

This response submitted by SK on 2/5/05 at 7:49 PM. ( )

It's nice to know what the consequences can be when something like that happens - and knowledge is our friend. Won't happen here.

Don't ever say...

This response submitted by Craig on 2/6/05 at 9:05 PM. ( )

it won't happen here. You cannot predict the future and it was proven during the time of Hitler's reign that normal people can do some very vicious things when given the opportunity.

As gun owners, we say our government will never take them away but it seems that there are laws passed everyday that slowly erode this right. We can never become complacent and trusting of any government and hopefully our form of government will always have checks and balances to insure us our freedoms. Unfortunately man never learns and history makes a very bad habit of repeating itself.

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