80 year old

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man goes into the pharmacy, "Tom, I'm getting married next week to a 21 year old blonde stripper, and I need some things for our wedding night." Tom takes the list and returns with the items. The pharmacist says, "George, I can understand the condoms, KY Jelly, and maybe even the shoe horns, but I don't get the ear and nose plugs." George replies, "There's two things in this world I can't stand...the sound of a screaming woman, and the smell of burning rubber."

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The Ant and the Elephant

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as odd couples go, finally the ant talk the elephant to merry her, they spent a wonderful honey moon night.
Early in the morning the ant calls on her huge lover, hellooo! honey wake up, after several attempts to wake the mammoth up she realizes, the elephant is dead . She got very sad and said , boy ! that's just my luck I spent one evening of pleasure and now I have to spend a whole life time digging a hole to burry this guy !.


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