Web Site Critics Wanted

Submitted by J Randall on 2/6/05 at 5:58 PM. ( )

Hey everyone,
I'm trying to set up my own web site and was wondering if any of you all might check it out and let me know what you think (I'm not much of a computer guy) I don't have everything finished just yet as I don't plan on doing any commercial work until October of this year.
I never really planned on doing commercial work at all but we know how that goes LOL... Any and all opinions and or comments appreciated
Thank you and best to you and your's
The address is http://ozarkimages.wsmcafe.com

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Don't have a lot of time...

This response submitted by marty on 2/6/05 at 6:49 PM. ( )

...but the first thing you're going to want to fix is the rollovers ("scroll" buttons?) I didn't even know they were links until I figured out that there's got to be more to this and I moved my cursor over them. Maybe put the text in there and simply make it jump at you when you roll over it?

Eventually you're going to want to kill most of the verbage on the home page. People don't need to know that you're planning on opening your doors. Nobody's going to know about your site unless you give out the url anyway. When you re-do it, make sure you get your phone number/location on the opening/home page.

Gotta scoot - Super Bowl soon!

Thanks Marty

This response submitted by J Randall on 2/6/05 at 7:18 PM. ( )

I've been trying to work on those buttons... I would like them to show the text just havn't had any luck getting them to that point but I will Keep Trying. I do plan on changing the Information On the Home Page and the About us page after we are licensed to do commercial work. I didn't want anyone who "might" see the site to think we were trying to operate w/out a license. Thanks again for looking and giving me some ideas for improvement.

Black background

This response submitted by Lou on 2/6/05 at 9:13 PM. ( )

I like the black background on the home page. I'd try to move the white border behind the black over to the right as well to give a shadow effect. Maybe blur the white?
I'm with Marty on the buttons, but you're aware and are working on it. Great job!

Looks good

This response submitted by John_NY on 2/7/05 at 1:02 AM. ( )

I like your site it looks nice. I like the link buttons.
I also like the paintings. You should add more info on the artist.

Thank you all

This response submitted by J Randall on 2/7/05 at 1:08 PM. ( )

I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions, My Wife does all the paintings and my sister ties the fly lures. I'm trying to get it to look good and show the work better but it doesn't give the user alot of options, I can't really complain it was free.
Thank you all again.

Okay, J Randall I've got some more time...

This response submitted by marty on 2/7/05 at 9:17 PM. ( )

Shoulder Mounts Page - kill the comment about a "trophy doesn't have to be big". You'll get people thinking. Everbody has their own opinion of what a trophy is, let them decide.

Also, I'd change "several diferent poses" to "many different poses". "Several" sounds limited.

Lifesize Mounts Page - I wouldn't include habitats in your pricing. But maybe that's just me? I would rather give them the base price of a lifesize mount and then charge accordingly depending on the type and complexity of the custom habitat. Get 'em in your shop first and then sell your add-ons.

I like the variety of options you show the folks (habitats, wall plaques, European mounts, etc.) This is the stuff that will help people make decisions and added profit to your business. (This is actually something I need to work on updating the pics with my website).

Cpl of typos on the "About Us" page.

Layout and color choices looked good and easy to navigate.

Gotta go!

Thanks Again Marty

This response submitted by J Randall on 2/7/05 at 9:31 PM. ( )

For taking the time to veiw my site and letting me know what you think. I really appriciate suggestions and comments from those who have been in the business for awhile.

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