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Recently I answered an ad on here posted by an artist in NY. The artist wanted to mounted head dresses for a artistic video they were shooting. We came to an agreement on price and exactly what they wanted. I received 50% in the form of a personal check post dated for a few days later. I waited until the posted date, deposited the check, and started the job. There was no problem with the check. Once the job was complete, I contacted them, and they gave me a fed ex account number. I stated that the the balance was due, and I would send once it was received. I never received balance, and of course, I never send the headdresses. Now said artist is demanding her deposit back, or they going to sue. I emailed her back statin that deposits are nonrefundable, and if they want the headresses, to send balance in form of money order or cashier's check. I will then gladly ship finished product to them. So, my question I in the wrong anywhere in this deal? Thanks for your input....

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I hope you

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told them upfront(once the deal was agreed upon) via email that the deposit was non-refundable. That way you have a paper trail when this goes to court. Otherwise, I supose you have a couple of nice head dresses to wear!

In Most

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States forfeiture laws say 30 days you wait for payment if not received by then you own the stuff and the deposit, just send your payment in full demand by register letter requiring a signature.

Do you offer a receit with all your terms properly stated ?

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It is strange you do not post your name, but I respect that.

Based on the information given:: You did the ethical and correct thing. You don't owe these people squat. If they don't follow through on your agreement, it is not your problem. After all, you finished the work in good faith and they are the ones that backed out. You have nothing to worry about unless you are easily intimidated by these city monkeys...


Your story is straight forward and short

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You did a commisoned piece of art. You dont owe them anything!

What you need to do is either call an attorney for your state legal advice, some states are different and call your local small claims court for specific information and file for the remaining balance.


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Thanks very much for the input. Just needed some reassurance. This is the first time I have done something for anyone other than a museum or sportsman. I guess they do things different in the big apple...

Added precaution...

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...I would not rely on email as any form of proof. I would send a registered letter stating your verbal agrrement originally made and the terms and that you will ship the headress as soon as final payment is made and the check has cleared - per the agreement...

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