Hey Taxi ?

Submitted by Nick S. on 2/7/05 at 3:09 PM. ( )

Well it happened again. There I am, deep in sleep, this past "early" Saturday morning. 2:45 (am) to be exact. The phone rings.
I answer it and the guy says, "Yea, we need a ride, we are at 574 Lucas Street". "Okay", I reply. "Go stand out at the corner, and I'll be there in 10 minutes", I added.
You see, I live within 15 minutes, of a big college town, and my taxidermy yellow page add, is in the next column to the taxi service. Young kids, lots of beer, closing time, Get the picture?
Anyway, I wonder how long they waited? (he, he)

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Been There......Done That.......

This response submitted by Old Fart on 2/7/05 at 3:32 PM. ( )

....And the BEST part is, they're so drunk they won't remember who they called.

And DON'T call me for tax advise in early April. "Sure it's legal to take as a deduction" and "Take at least twice that for your deduction, it's in the tax code on page 922!" Those are a couple of the "pearls" of tax wisdom, I've handed out.

Home phone/business phone?

This response submitted by marty on 2/7/05 at 4:28 PM. ( )

Obviously you use your home and business phone in conjunction. Even though mine are separate, we shut off the ringer on our home phone in our bedroom. That way no wake ups in the middle of the night. The only phone call I'm going to get anyway is possibly a relative dying and they can wait til morning - lol!

all the time

This response submitted by newbirdman on 2/7/05 at 8:33 PM. ( )

Yep , in the past 2 months I've had about 6 calls . The worst part is that some of the people tell me the operators give them my phone # . Even the operators are stupid . Rick

I had a client

This response submitted by Greg on 2/7/05 at 9:12 PM. ( )

hang up on me one day. After she answered the phone, she looked at her caller ID which read "Real Stuff Taxi" and thought I had called the wrong number. Go figure!


This response submitted by marty on 2/7/05 at 9:22 PM. ( )

...I would bet most if not all of the taxi vs. taxidermy calls are routed via directory assistance. They just find the number and go. It's like they have some quota to meet or something...


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/7/05 at 10:06 PM. ( )

You guys are gonna LOVE my latest Yox Yax if you find this thread funny...it should be out any time now...

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