Do you do fish?

Submitted by jerry c on 2/7/05 at 6:10 PM. ( )

"Hello, how much do you charge to get a fish mounted?"
"$xx an inch for cold water fish and $xx for warm water fish. What did you get?"
"A lake trout."
"That's a cold water species, it'll be $xx an inch."
"Would it be any cheaper if I let it thaw?"
Actual conversation that took place today.
Last week a customer stopped to pick up his deerhead. I had taken a lot of extra time with it as it was a nice 11 point buck. He stood admiring it for a minute and then said. "My wife won't let me have this in the house, so I'm hanging it in the garage." Oh, the life of a taxidermist!

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Doing a repair/"touch-up" on an old muskie...

This response submitted by marty on 2/7/05 at 7:06 PM. ( )

...for a guy I use to work with years ago. Asked him for a picture of it when he first caught it so I could add some color (paintjob was weak). He said he'd have to dig around but came by a few days later with a pic. I looked at it and it was a picture of the finished MOUNT taken about 15 years ago! He said it was all he could find. I looked at him and called him a "nipplehead". First time I've called a customer a nipplehead btw...

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