Submitted by ETCC on 2/8/05 at 6:44 AM. ( )

Note: Sorry to disappoint all the naysayers thinking that ETCC died and were rid of him for good ;-)...was offline for 7-Months due to my WEB-TV box dying...Heeeees Baaaack...;-)
Now for the 'Things To Think About"...

Radio report this morning says that PETA 'has done it again'...Mercedes-Benze has folded under pressure and will no-longer install Patent LEATHER seats in their Luxury cars.

This is grave concern for the following reasons...LEATHER?...

Think of it...How soon will the TANNING INDUSTRY fall in line?...TAXIDERMISTS?

Naturally...FISHING too...can't eat dem dare fishies no more...CRUEL, ya know.

They're already attacking McDonald's with that idiot Al Sharpton as head spokesman last week...Can you imagine...eating HAMBURGERS?

Holy Frankfurters Batman...will my Weiner be next?

And what about going Barefoot when shgoes will be outlawed...made from leather. Suggestion...start saving your Pizza Boxes...measure your feets on them...cut out and glue them to the bottom like sandals.

Oops...fotget THAT idea too...GLUE, ya know...the Horsies furnish that.

And naturally...speaking of the CRUEL HUMANS treating them 'thataway'?...Riding on their backs...stressing them out and making them sweat...and using LEATHER saddles to boot? At least the Indians rode them bareazz...err...bareback.

But...I DO have a confession to make...I'm a member of PETA too...People Easting Tasty Animals.

1.200 Year Old Highlander Immortal
(Embarassed Taxidermist for stuffing poor animals)
PETA Memburr

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7 months ?

This response submitted by newbirdman on 2/8/05 at 7:05 AM. ( )

Wow , has it been that long since you annoyed us , lol . Now if we can just find out what happened to Raven , havent seen him on here in a dogs age . Rick


This response submitted by ETCC on 2/8/05 at 7:12 AM. ( )



This response submitted by ETCC on 2/8/05 at 7:14 AM. ( )

Disclaimer: "Please excuse any typos. Some are accidental and some are Intentinal. Yer job is to figger out witch is which".

Al Sharpton

This response submitted by Remmy on 2/8/05 at 10:00 AM. ( )

I'm actually glad to see Al Sharpton leading the way over at PETA. Dim-witted people seldom advance the cause of an organization, so with him at the helm of the latest scheme at PETA, all of us meat eating hunters and taxidermists should be just fine!

come on...

This response submitted by Steve on 2/8/05 at 10:05 AM. ( )

And just where did you hear this "news". Sometimes I cannot believe how gullable some of you are. There is no way on friggin earth that Mercedes will stop making leather seats. You guys will believe anything. Got any proof of this claim?

Steve's Right,,,,, ETCC Can't Read,,,Steak Prices Plummet!

This response submitted by ByGolly on 2/8/05 at 11:20 AM. ( )

There is a big difference between not making them and offering non-leather options for a higher price. I suggest ETCC get the BS seat option on his next Benz.

Milton Keynes Top luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz informed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that all future Mercedes-Benz models will be available with a leather-free option either at the dealership or via special order. It takes four cows to make the leather interior for one Mercedes, and the company's announcement follows PETA's consumer-driven campaign to pressure Mercedes to offer alternatives to leather interior.

The campaign scored its first victory in 2003 when DaimlerChrysler-India agreed to make nonleather interiors an option in all Mercedes models built and sold in that country. Campaign supporters included actor James Cromwell, whose credits include The Sum of All Fears, The Green Mile, The General's Daughter, and Babe, for which he received an Academy Award nomination. Cromwell had asked DaimlerChrysler representatives for a face-to-face meeting at its German headquarters to discuss the issue.

I don't know how they think these are victories, but if it makes them feel good so be it. So, fewer cows will be killed as the demand for leather interiors shrink? Last time I checked, I don't think my farmer/rancher friends were raising cattle for their pelts.
Never heard a farmer talking about the price of leather affecting his farm profits. This could be good for all of us, as demand for leather shrinks the price of a good steak should plummet. Ha Ha
Thanks for the lower steak prices PETA.

Pretty funny

This response submitted by Danny on 2/8/05 at 12:57 PM. ( )

I assume Mercedes is smart enough to not give in to a bunch of bare-foot hippie college students that will never be able to afford a Mercedes.
If you want some real entertainment, check out PETA's website and forum. You will see just how nuts these people are. They got names like "cow-lover" LOL.

Welcome Home ED!

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 2/8/05 at 1:44 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Seems like it's been 1200 years since we had a good Catholic joke deleted! Peace- Jeff F.

I think

This response submitted by Alex on 2/8/05 at 3:18 PM. ( )

Et I think all your mispelling are intestinal,lol.

Glad to seeee your Back or is it see you back, huum?

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