ATTENTION: Ohio PTO Show info

Submitted by Heath Cline on 2/8/05 at 10:22 PM. ( )

The Ohio PTO Taxidermy Show is coming up soon and we would like to invite everyone. The show this year is April 15th - 17th. One little side note for those wanting to reserve a hotel room. There was a misprint of the hotel phone number in the flyer. The host hotel is the Holiday Inn and the correct phone number is 740-453-0771. The PTO has lined up some great judges and seminars speakers again this year. Also a great time to visit with the Suppliers of our industry and get some show deals.

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tried it

This response submitted by Tim on 2/9/05 at 4:27 AM. ( )

I found out the number was wrong I called to make my resorvations and it took me forever to get the correct number through information.I can't wait the show is always greatAnyone who comes will have a great time and walk away with alot of new knowledge and some great deals.See Ya all there Tim


This response submitted by bill on 2/9/05 at 6:29 AM. ( )

?do they still offer the rayline award,i talked to a guy about it
i think it was tom moore in caroll?

? who is the judge for the show.
?are they tough judge's.

i never went to a show i'm a book learner i had no one on one training
any info will be great

thank's bill

This years judges / seminar speakers

This response submitted by Heath Cline on 2/9/05 at 9:10 AM. ( )

This years judges are : Terry Grimm - whitetails, Mark Nagy - mammal/gameheads , Frank Newmeyer- birds , Dan Rinehart - fish

This years seminars:
Steve Smith - fish body carving
Frank Newmeyer - hands on bird seminar
Dan Rinehart - improving your fish work
Heath Cline - antler reproductions

Bill, you need to come to the show ! There is NO better way of learning ! Even if you don't compete, the friendships you make and knowledge you gain are priceless.

need info please

This response submitted by andy thomas on 2/10/05 at 3:30 PM. ( )

hey could you guys send me some info about the show. would love to come this year. were is it located? thanks guys andy


This response submitted by Heath Cline on 2/10/05 at 5:41 PM. ( )

This years show is in Zanesville. If you would email me your mailing address, I will send you a flyer with the show info. Thanks.


This response submitted by andy thomas on 2/11/05 at 2:47 AM. ( )

heath i sent you a email thanks alot

Another seminar,

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 2/11/05 at 11:50 AM. ( )

you left out Neil Fowlers Whitetail seminar bad boy. I guess I can't say much, I'm the one who typed the wrong phone number LOL!

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