Anyone know..................?

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......What has happened to Michael Baker of Wills Point, Texas ? He used to sell waterfowl, but there is a story going around that he got busted by the USFW for selling wild killed waterfowl. Anyone know ?

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Swan Haven Waterfowl
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Mute Swan

There are three ways you can place your order with us:


Office: 903-873-4713
Farm: 903-873-4340

Swan Haven Waterfowl
P.O. Box 231
Wills Point, Tx. 75169

Full payment must be received before your order is shipped.

Payment can be in the form of money orders or personal checks.

Sorry, we can't accept credit cards at this time.

Prices listed on our website do not include shipping.

Please include your name, shipping address, and phone number.

Please make your payments payable to Michael Baker and send to our address shown above.

All live orders are shipped via Express Service through the U.S. Postal Service.

Please Note: All live orders are shipped weather permitting. This means all shipping is curtailed during hot summer temperatures and during freezing weather in winter. Since we are located in eastern Texas, temperatures begin to climb early in the season. Once they reach 75F, we cannot ship. Airlines will also place restrictions on shipping live animals during such times. Shipping will resume when temperatures decline in the fall. Our winters are usually mild, but we do sometimes experience freezing temperatures. Temperatures at the order's destination must also fall within these parameters. Please keep this in mind when placing your orders.

Thank you for your interest in Swan Haven Waterfowl. Please bookmark our home page and come back often.

Swan Haven Waterfowl
Michael Baker & Family
P.O. Box 231 Wills Point Texas 75169 Farm: 903-873-4340

How bout

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some crow Jonathan

Eat This Punk !

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Michael Baker is a low life lying crook that sells illegal birds at auction. He got busted and left a lot of people hanging that he owes money to. He should watch his back cause a lot of people are looking to talk to the Feds about his illegal activities. Seems he lives kind of out in the middle of nowhere too. He should pay his debts or keep a good eye out. His daughter is real cute ! ;0) LOL

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