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Submitted by Bill Yox on 2/15/05 at 11:10 AM. ( )

I had to set some big sheds into an artificial skull plate. I was just going to find plates with the rods already set in them, but it didnt work out for my time frame. So, I poured one from a mold I have. As usual, I drilled the antler, and set a length of square stock in. Then I mounted the skull plate to the form, drilled it, and set the antlers as usual. Well, I was in a hurry. On my shoulder was a Bondo rep telling me how fast Bondo sets up, just use that. Then there was George Roof, in miniature, on my other shoulder, preaching as he does how Bondo has little adhesive qualities. Well, I gave in and used the quick, convenient Bondo. It worked, but then something happened. I use square stock because it wont rotate like round stock or threaded rod does. But the rod with the Bondo was spinning in the ROUND hole I drilled. So, I made a second smaller hole, mixed up some Epo-Grip clear #30 and added fibre glass chop, forced it into the hole, ran a strong thin screw through this mixture and into the plate and up into the antler to really pull it tight, and then wrapped the remainer of the epoxy/glass mix around the irregularities between the antler base and the skull plate. Now mind you, when I first felt the antler was loose, it was because I have to check it in case it ever should fall or get man-handled. Normal usage would have never detected that the antler could rotate. Now, with it repaired with the Epo-Grip, I could take these big antlers and really tweek them, and Im telling you they will not budge!

Moral of the story? Well of course...use Epo-Grip and get George Roof off your back!

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There's a shocker!

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 2/15/05 at 12:18 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

I repaired a head shot the way you mentioned only I used round threaded rod in a slightly oversized hole. I did,however, use the Epo-Grip.I still have this deer and occassionaly lift it by the antlers just to test it. They don't budge! I'm hooked. And BTW, I used the quick set. Jeff F.

Good stuff

This response submitted by T Perkins on 2/16/05 at 1:23 PM. ( )

I was lucky enough to win Best International Taxidermist at the IGT show a couple of years ago.With it I won a $500 gift certificate from Epo-Grip, now I am hooked on the stuff and don't know how I ever survived without it.

Hey T

This response submitted by Jack F on 2/17/05 at 3:39 AM. ( )

Are you related to Bill Perkins in NY? just wondering .


This response submitted by TP on 2/17/05 at 1:22 PM. ( )

No, I don't have any relations in New York.

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