Ok guys, how do you do it? *rant*

Submitted by BWS on 2/16/05 at 9:32 PM. ( brandontaxidermy@yahoo.com )

How do people on here usually ship their frozen items? I use second day fedex for all my skinned hides. For this reason i catch alot of slack because of my prices. I ship all of my whole frozen items(which i RARELY offer for sale) 3 day select. So now my main question is this...how can you sell a frozen whole item across the country for such low prices as i have seen on here-and it arrive in good condition?

I have bought things that have been sent ground or post office only to have them ruin before i recieve them, this is not what i want to have happen to my customers.

However, i just recieved my UPS bill in for the last whole froze bobcat that i sold. It was shipped 3 day select. Wanna know how much actual shipping was charged to me? $70 that is how much. I sell my whole froze for $100...then if you minus the $70 for shipping...and the price i pay for the cat to begin with, well lets say i am paying to have the privilage to sell.

I know not much can be done here...to protect the customer and still stay in this biz...i just thought i would blow off a little steam, and add some justification to my prices.

Brandon Wildlife Studio

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Well Sheila it's like this

This response submitted by Cecil on 2/16/05 at 10:00 PM. ( )

1.) I insulate really well with white foam board

2.) I alternate between UPS and USPS now because of the cost of shipping.

Check this out:

I may send a 8 lb. box to Seattle from northern Indiana

UPS wants $52.45 3 day select (fish is only worth $50.00) and wants $10.51 for regular ground, but the package would arrive on Friday after being shipped on Monday. Not good even for a well insuluated box!

USPS only wants $19.20 and it should get there in 2 days but of course is not guaranteed.

I have had two screw ups in two years USPS Priority Mail having taken five days to get to a destination, but at the price difference I am willing to take the chance.


This response submitted by Evelyn on 2/16/05 at 10:15 PM. ( )

I've switched to DHL. I ship everthing 2nd day air which is guaranteed. If it is not delivered on time you will be reeimbursed for your shipping fees. It is the cheapest delivery company out there and it beats the socks of UPS. Always ship on a Monday or Tuesday the latest, and insulate the box real good.

shipping frozen animals or hides

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 2/16/05 at 11:41 PM. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

This is just a general statement, not pointed at anyone. This is based on my expierences over two to four years ago.

If you would start shipping all frozen items in sawdust, only, no plastic bags, you would not loose anything. That is shipping it 2nd day. I have bought several items, that were shipped in plastic bags. When they arrived, they had thawed, and were marinating in fluid, I have lost every hide, that came that way, no matter how they were insulated.

I have recently purchased, three items, I asked for them to be sent in only sawdust, and they were sent out on Monday, and I received them on Wedsnday morning, they were still frozen, and they were as dry as could be. I don't believe it cost that much more on shipping, especially, when you know you can use what you bought, when it gets there.

Horror Story

This response submitted by jon on 2/17/05 at 9:01 AM. ( jonathan@harlequintaxidermy )

I was being sent a Canada Goose a few weeks ago from the the WA state area. It left Seatlle on Monday and was suppose to arrive Wednesday morning by 10am USPS. The lady has sent me many things in the past and is well informed on shipping frozen goods. The goose was already skinned and boraxed to save on shipping. She frozen it wet, wrapped in a plastic bag, then lined a medium sized box with 1" foam board and filled up the void with crumpled News Paper.and put the the frozen goose skin in the middle so it was insulated all the way around.

Well wednesday came, and no goose.. Thursday came and no Goose. Fri I'm on the phone, thinking that it's already gone, but there may be a slight chance that I can salvage it. The USPS more or less was no help whatsoever...their main form of help was to tell me to have her go get a refund on her postage ($37.00). They (USPS) did tell me that if the package left Seatlle (which tracking showed that it did) that it would have arrived at Dallas; it is a direct flight. They got me intouch with the USPS shipping Dock at DFW airport and they hadn't seen my box, but would be looking for it. So When it didn't show up with the Mail on Fri, I more or less, wrote the bird off and just added another strike to USPS.

Bright and Early, like 8am.. Sunday Morning. guess what shows up by means of a personal vehicle and plain clothes delivery man. A skinned goose in a box. He had come directly from DFW airport.
After throwing my typical fit when someone screws up around me I took the box in and was prepared for some serious ICK factor.

To my surprise.. the goose, although not completely frozen.. was still quite cold and still had ice on the inside of the skin. It had surived for 6 days. Although I BY FAR wouldn't recommend it, it does show that a good pack/insulation job can really save your butt.


True and the more frozen mass you have in the box

This response submitted by Cecil on 2/17/05 at 12:09 PM. ( )

The longer it will stay frozen. The more frozen fish I pack into a box the longer they will stay frozen. However the time of year saved your butt too.

USPS has done this to me twice in two years. I rarely use them unless UPS is just too cost prohibitive.


This response submitted by woodsman on 2/17/05 at 1:21 PM. ( )

I agree with Evelyn. DHL is the way to go they are all private owned and they make sure to do great business. They run circles around ups on shipping.

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