Marketing a Big Buck

Submitted by Mark Miles on 2/17/05 at 9:30 AM. ( )

I killed a nice buck this past season that roughly scored 200 the day it was killed. Alot of people that have seen it say I should try to market it. They say companies, of products that I used, will give free products to hunters that kill nice bucks. I am taking it to the big buck contest in Wentzville Mo this weekend to get officially scored. Does anyone have experience doing this? Do you think this is ethical?

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This response submitted by JEM on 2/17/05 at 9:58 AM. ( )

As long as you tell the truth about what you used and didn't use and the deer was killed legally I don't see how it would not be ethical.

Go for it!

This response submitted by Mark on 2/17/05 at 4:39 PM. ( )

Back in 2000, I mounted the Michigan State Record Archery Whitetail and the archer wanted the exposure as well. The one thing that he made a mistake with (unknowingly), was that most of the people he dealt with wanted great and thorough "in the field" photos. He had taken a few pictures in a yard next to a pine tree but this is not what they were looking for. So if you took good pictures in the field, I would advise you to get lots of extra pictures for some of these people. I would also advise you to be persistent. In the big picture, your buck is a great one, but nationwide may not be as impressive to some then others. Contact North American Whitetail and talk to Gordon Whittington about your deer and maybe he can feature it on their new show or in their magazine. Do your extra homework and you should be able to get some exposure and a few extras, but also understand that not everyone will be willing to give handouts. Hope some of this helps.

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