No more Fox Hunting

Submitted by Mr. T on 2/17/05 at 7:01 PM. ( )

Well it happened, no more Fox hunting in England. The Anti's won a twenty year fight.

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what'd you expect,

This response submitted by JJ on 2/17/05 at 7:27 PM. ( )

from a government who's prince came home with a "Rottweiler" for his next wife!

America's probably next

This response submitted by jerry c on 2/17/05 at 7:39 PM. ( )

One signature from a liberal governor or president and hunting on public lands could be a thing of the past.

it can and has

This response submitted by jim on 2/17/05 at 7:58 PM. ( )

Carter did that by a signature alone he more than doubled Mt. Mckinley National Park in Alaska and in one day closed millions of acres of land to hunting.

Old News.

This response submitted by John C on 2/17/05 at 8:30 PM. ( )

Where have you been?

This was on TV a couple months ago, on another board its been discussed.

What the ANTI's missed is the thousands of hunting hounds that are going to be put down!

One man alone will be putting down over 300 hounds.

Plus the horses, that have been used by hunters!

An estimated 5000- plus horses are expected to be put down because of this law.

The ANTIs' sort of won this fight but have caused the death of many additional animals.

They screwed the pooch!

How do they....

This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/17/05 at 10:17 PM. ( )

Hunt fox in England anyway these days ? I have two friends that live there and they cant own guns anyway . LOL I rekon they do like I hunt squirrel here , by chunkin' rocks at them with their feet ( arms are too strong ) . LOL
They won because stoning a fox to death would be cruel I rekon. Bradlee

Truth told

This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/17/05 at 10:22 PM. ( )

That is a sad fact . The tree hugger Hippies are willing to kill the other animals so that no animal will be shot by a hunter. HMMMMM......Bradlee

I hate to be blunt

This response submitted by Buckeye on 2/17/05 at 10:45 PM. ( )

but I think anyone who claims to be an Anti-Hunter is a complete Freakin Idiot! I guess they would rather the foxes get over populated and start getting diseases from starvation and everything else that comes with having to many animals in one spot. P.S. I just wrote a little poem. To all my fellow hunters, have a nice day, to all Anti-Hunters, start kissin' away.

Good one Buckeye

This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/18/05 at 12:06 AM. ( )

Good point there. They believe that it is better for over populated animals to die more naturaly selected ( to die a long and very painfull death by starvation and disease ) than to go quickly by the hunters for the sake of well being of the heard. And kill innocent animals in the process to acomplish their goal . Makes ya think dont it ? Bradlee

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