Skull Cleaning

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Does anyone offer skull cleaning services, using beetles, by the pound of skulls submitted? After all that's what the beetles work by.

Such as, customer A brings you a deer head which weighs x pounds.
Then, customer B brings you 16 squirrel skulls which weigh y pounds.
You accept both jobs, because obviously both customers place a lot of value on their submitted skulls.

Your beetles don't know the difference though and consume the flesh at will. Beetles don't know which is more rare or has more intricate turbinates. They just 'think' the skulls are nourishing.

Seems like it would be a wise idea for certain people willing to deal in bulk - a price per pound regardless of species.

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I have a better idea

This response submitted by beetles on 2/19/05 at 9:31 AM. ( )

Does anyone offer taxidermy services, using their experience and talent, by the pound of hides submitted? After all that's what the taxidermist work by.

Sorry beetles

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Didn't mean to make you feel threatened. I didn't realize that was a viable business idea until *right now*. Hah, but joke's on me, I have no beetles for which to clean skulls, and cannot get any due to set-up. So you're lucky, but the day is coming, someone else may offer this service in the future.

It doesn't work that way

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Beetles are only a small part of skull cleaning. You still need to degrease and whiten the skulls...not to mention the man hours of labor involved. Besides, there is way more liability involved in cleaning a desert big horn over 50lbs of beaver skulls. I agree with "beetles"'s as ridiculous as asking a taxidermist to charge by the pound.

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