Jeanette Hall, where are you?

Submitted by Hogger on 2/19/05 at 2:16 AM. ( )

Jeanette, some time ago You told me how you liked that Joe Coombs hog mannikins and recommended them to me. I was then partial to one in Research Mannikins. I still like that one, but now I've become hooked on the Coombs mannikins as they are real nice and easier to install jaws then the Research one. Thanks for the tip. Send me an email address, I'd like to share some results with you. I wouldn't mind seeing some of your work as well. Hogger

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Jeeze Hogger look one post down!

This response submitted by Cecil on 2/19/05 at 1:03 PM. ( )

If she was any closer she'd bite ya. LOL

she has a real nice website, hogger

This response submitted by Griz on 2/19/05 at 3:28 PM. ( )

lots of great pics, you can even see what george and some of the other hoodlums on here look like :) LOL

Thanks guys

This response submitted by Hogger on 2/19/05 at 6:33 PM. ( )

That's funny. I am humbled!

Hey Hogger

This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 2/19/05 at 11:30 PM. ( )

I'm so glad to hear that you like those Coombs forms! I knew you would. My email is Send me some pics of your piggies!


This response submitted by Hogger on 2/20/05 at 3:04 AM. ( )

Thanks you Ma'am!


This response submitted by Alex on 2/20/05 at 3:34 PM. ( )

is a good looker isn't she?

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