Can anyone tell me what TX spotted skunks go for ?

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What Im asking is what are the typical prices Taxidermists pay on frozen whole,Tx western spotted skunks and cased with feet attached or dorsal skinned ? Im a Tx trapper and I would appreciate yall's info thanks ! ''They are kind of rare here I don't catch very many each season maybye only one or two. There are more stripeds here in Tx where I trap than spotted's which prefer rocky brushy cliffs and canyons.''

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I have always caught them on sardines. I have heard they also go for grapes and oysters.


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Tanned and perfect (mountable / competition quality, all measurements incl., with all pretp work done), huge (xxxl and up) they go for up to $70
Tanned and "just ok", expect about $25-$45, average is about $39
Raw, with feet, $8-15
Raw, no feet, $0 to $12-ish depending on size, but avg. is about $8
Frozen whole, apparently damaged crap is worth $23 per skin, but usually about $40 per animal

If you do not know how to ship frozen whole, then don't do it.

Best way to determine value is to put them on eBay, where you'll get bidder wars. Make sure to get pictures and carcass measurements.

Naked Spotted Skunks

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Sorry, I had to

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