Say a prayer for Bill Haynes

Submitted by George on 2/20/05 at 11:26 PM. ( )

Bill Haynes, Vice President of the NTA and long time NTA board member is scheduled to have bypass surgery in the morning. This is to repair damaged arteries that previous surgury some years ago repaired. In today's medicine, we take this as nothing special, but only because it's not US on that table. So say a prayer for Bill and wish him a speedy recover. He's a true gentleman and those are few and far between nowadays.

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Sure will

This response submitted by Alex on 2/20/05 at 11:28 PM. ( )

Pray for Him

Will do

This response submitted by Jim on 2/20/05 at 11:59 PM. ( )

I wish him a good and speedy recovery.

Yes I just did

This response submitted by Cecil on 2/21/05 at 12:33 AM. ( )

If I remember right Bill is always above the fray on here.

thanks George, I will be looking forward

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 2/21/05 at 12:59 AM. ( )

Thanks, George, I will, and I will be looking forward to seeing Bill in July, I know he will be in good hands. rw

In our prayers.....

This response submitted by KBauman on 2/21/05 at 8:37 AM. ( )

Bill is a good friend and I always enjoy his Africa hunting stories. He will be in my families prayers. Get Well Soon, Bill.

Bill is one classy guy

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 2/21/05 at 9:00 AM. ( )

Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery are sent.


This response submitted by wilson on 2/21/05 at 11:05 AM. ( )

My Prayers are with you Bill and i hope you spent some time with the doc before hand, to teach the correct way OF "malleting" the seam .

Prayers sent

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 2/21/05 at 12:07 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

for a quick recovery. Jeff F.

I will say

This response submitted by Jimmy on 2/21/05 at 4:43 PM. ( )

I will say 10 our fathers and 10 hail Marys for Bill.

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