I apologize to fellow skin jockeys, but check it out

Submitted by jt on 2/21/05 at 1:10 AM. ( gypjet@hotmail.com )

I love this site. I love some of the people I know on here and I appreciate WASCO for supporting it. However, it is a little frustrating sometimes, to sell items on here. I posted a Pinking machine for sale and this is what happened. I also want to announce that I do not intend to offend anyone who emailed me.

I recieved 23 emails regarding my Pinking machine. Nine of them said, "I WILL TAKE IT". The first person, was the winner, but guess what? Changed her mind. I decided the second email was the next in line, but guess what, they wanted to know if I would take $30.00 for it instead of the $50.00 I posted it at. No thanks. The third email, was a gentleman I know (ya, I am talking about you pooch)and he decided he did not need it. So, I wrote the 4th person and told them to call me today at any time, so I could take care of it with verbal communication and be done with it, but no call.

By this time, I have an hour of my time taken up and no sale, plus for those of you who know me, I am flying to Iraq next Sunday, so me and my wife's time together is too valuable for me to have to go through the phone book to sell a couple of things. I am sorry If I did not finish writing to all of you who replied. Please understand. I think this site should have a buy-it-now sort of option that would hold a low-res picture of our items and a record of our agreements with each other.

I doubt I will post again until 2006, so be well all of you skin jockeys.

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garage sale

This response submitted by mark on 2/21/05 at 6:47 AM. ( mnmstuffit@aol.com )

selling on the internet is just like having a garage sale. can you hold this for me a dont want to lug it around(translates to I want to see if i can find it somewhere cheaper)you have a brand new item just that you dont want it and want the space it takes up. brand new it cost $100.00 so you put a $20.00 price on it and everyone ask would you take $5.00 for this. you know the storie after spending the weekend at your garage sale from 7 am till 3 pm thats 16hrs you have sold $3000.00 worth of goods for $126.23. great deal you lost $2874.77 and a weekend. I donate things that are no longer need to charity, it takes an hour and I can write off the depreciated value on my taxes, it just makes more cents to me.


This response submitted by Eric Davis on 2/21/05 at 12:36 PM. ( endavis@michonline.net )

Thank you and good luck JT on your trip to Iraq.

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