AOL Instant Messenger

Submitted by Doe on 2/21/05 at 9:08 PM. ( )

Does anyone here have AOL? If so, my screen name is cwegurl109 if you would like to exchange screen names for talking about taxidermy. I know there's a TaxiChat on this site, but it does not work for me.


Doe (Nina)

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aol is spyware....

This response submitted by Griz on 2/21/05 at 10:01 PM. ( )

just thought you might like to know....


This response submitted by Steve D on 2/22/05 at 5:52 AM. ( )

sorry i use yahoo messenger

just about

This response submitted by michael sestak on 2/22/05 at 6:17 AM. ( )

everything on the internet is spyware or ad-ware, they all put things on your computer including what you post here.


This response submitted by wilson on 2/22/05 at 9:40 AM. ( )

Griz you have black helicopters flying around your place at nite too.

i thought i heard something last night...

This response submitted by Griz on 2/22/05 at 10:56 AM. ( )

AND I got this weird puncture wound on my neck at the base of my skull, and for some reason i feel like buying ringtones from jamster.....weird huh? LOL

i know that most stuff is spyware or adware including yahoo and msn, but aol i think abuses it way too much. Maybe it was a coincidence, but i read that aol was abusing it's messenger users, ao i deleted aol off my puter and my internet sped up and my computer speb up, boot up sped up and alot less cookies got blocked, so i just stick to yahoo. But like i said maybe it was just a coincidence.


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 2/22/05 at 12:06 PM. ( NaturesTophies@aol )

I don't agree! I'm not sure what edition you had but the new 9.0 security edition has been very good to me so far. I don't get kicked offline,it blocks pop ups, McAfee updates regularly, and the spy zapper runs a check on every site you go to. This used in coordination with microsoft updates and I feel like I have Ft. Knox at my fingertips. Knock on wood. Jeff F.

thx jeff...

This response submitted by Griz on 2/22/05 at 1:32 PM. ( )

maybe they have really improved, might be worth looking into again, thx again

I dropped AOL

This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/23/05 at 9:33 AM. ( )

Like a brick when I last updated them to 9 . Hell , it even rearanged my entire desk top ! Was cram packed with spyware that they said I had to use their removers to get rid of ( No, I didn't have to ! I use nothing but the best removers ! LOL ). It did take me two days to repair the damadge they created though. I get very little spyware from my normal server and it is easily removed. AIM is nasty as far as their talk capability goes. Always cuts out . I use MSN and have not had a problem yet. Griz, Atleast I don't feel alone anymore with the flat black choppers ! LOL Them things are sure loud for spying on folks ain't they ? LOL Bradlee

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