New addition to the World's Purdiest

Submitted by Glen Conley on 2/22/05 at 8:22 AM. ( )

Mississippi taxidermist Randy Baldwin has just had his new website added to The World's Purdiest Taxidermist's directory on Along with that, he is featured in the Whitetail Taxidermist Directory and General Taxidermist Directory on Whitetail Designer Systems, plus the addition to the Taxidermists' Directory on the Quality Taxidermy Supply website.

Raul Penta's One-of-a-kind Deer Panels website, and Jason Keehr's buy/sell taxidermy mounts website have been added to the Taxidermy Industry Announcements pages.

Depending on web activity, we run a thousand visitors through the doors at every four or five days. As a result, has been working as an effective advertising tool for someone, some where, every day.

For you folks that have a side-line taxidermy related product, or a major taxidermy supply company, check out the Taxidermy Industry Announcements pages, and if you have something that fits in, I'll put it on for you at no charge. That's what those pages are there for.

I would like to thank Ken Edwards, and WASCO, for all the help they have provided for all of us.

Ken Edwards is going to go down in the Taxidermologist's note book as one of the most influential individuals in modern taxidermy. Have you ever wondered as to how many people have benefited from

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