Submitted by Dan Hudzik on 2/22/05 at 1:43 PM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

Does anyone have one of these devices that they use to score their deer? I just thought maybe it was a good idea to have in the shop because it takes me a while to score a deer because I follow the directions from the P & Y and the B & C score sheets. Just thought this would save me some time scoring deer. Anyone have any thoughts about the rackulator, I'd liked to hear them. Thanks, Dan

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I have one

This response submitted by A.E. Walsh on 2/22/05 at 2:02 PM. ( infoATaewalshtaxDOTcom )

I have one. I find it hard to use with any accuracy. My best-guess estimate is just as close as the Rackulator score...could be user error (as the rep tells me), but I've shelved mine. It is nice to have for conversion sake (B&C to Buckmasters, etc.).

For my customers I take the measurements, write them down and plug them into B&Cs on-line scoresheets. It prints out a nice "unofficial" sheet that I can give to them with their mount.


believe it or not....

This response submitted by Griz on 2/22/05 at 4:30 PM. ( )

it's in the archives LOL Not being a wise guy but just proving the vast amount of info this site has, i know it is in there because i asked. The price is what i think is way too high! And i don't know if it was my idea or not, but i think it was someone elses, but there is a very similar tool that carpenters/contractors use to take micro measurements and to check blueprints that are to scale, or to scale up blueprints. So i researched on the web a while to see what i could find, and i did find a cheaper one that looked like it would take the measurements pretty accurately, but it won't convert or total up or anything. And then i gave up on it.

After a while i got pretty quick at scoring, most customers don't make the record books so they just want a ballpark anyway so i take all the measurements fairly fast and then like Mr Walsh just said i punch them in real fast into the computer. It always took me longer to add the eighth inches than it did to measure ! And then i would always get two different answers when i checked my math, so the computer score sheets really do speed me up!

Well anyways good luck , and i know they have a nice website you might try too.

Yeah I know Griz

This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 2/22/05 at 9:02 PM. ( hudzik@madisontelco.com )

I know it is in the archives but I figured more people may have tried them since and I have gotten email replies. I've been on their website but what good is that. They only tell you what you want to hear so you'll buy the dang thing. Dan Hudzik

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