krowtan on ducks

Submitted by jim on 2/22/05 at 6:32 PM. ( )

any body ever use krowtan on ducks?

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Tanning Ducks

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 2/22/05 at 6:41 PM. ( )

The very nature of mounting birds doesn't support tanning the skin. Let me see if I can explain. When mounting a Game head or mammal, there is a form that pretty well has the finished shape of the animal in it. With birds the skin doesn't fit the form as tightly. There are spaces in some areas and contact with the form in others. That is why it is important that the skin dry completed, to retain the shape you the taxidermist gave the bird. Tanned skin remains somewhat flexible. This , in my view, works against you. This is just my theory of why tanning birds is not the answer to great mounts. Most bird guys don't tan, but I'm sure some do. Maybe they can give us some insight as to why they like to tan.

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This response submitted by George on 2/22/05 at 9:09 PM. ( )

Every time I think I've heard the last dumb question about this particular product, someone thinks up another. And it's only Tuesday. LMAO.


This response submitted by Mike on 2/23/05 at 12:35 AM. ( )


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