Dakota 4 problems

Submitted by Becky P on 2/23/05 at 6:15 PM. ( fishonATaolDOTcom )

I have a Dakota 4 that I purchased at a show already assembled. I can not get one of the screws that holds the blade to loosen up so I can change blades. We've broke 2 allen wrenches and a screwdriver trying to get it loose. Any suggestions besides buying a whole new assembly (which I'm not sure they even sell)?
Thanks, BP

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This response submitted by Cecil on 2/23/05 at 6:26 PM. ( )



A lil heat

This response submitted by Jeff S. on 2/23/05 at 6:27 PM. ( )

Try a little heat on it,put a butane torch(or propane) on the head of the screw using a circular motion,do this for about 10 seconds then put allen wrench on screw and tap on it with a hammer,hope this helps,P.S. if your young make sure you have a parent help you.
Good LUCK ! Jeff Smith

Sorry Cecil

This response submitted by Jeff S. on 2/23/05 at 6:29 PM. ( )

Your quicker on the key board then me,LOL

Liquid wrech

This response submitted by Alex on 2/23/05 at 6:29 PM. ( )

Spray with liquid wrech then heat a bit with the torch.don't get too close as it is flammable

Heat lamp

This response submitted by John C on 2/23/05 at 6:42 PM. ( )

The allen blots are possibly metric and may be stronger than SAE grade.

Place a heat lamp on it for a couple hours. if that does not loosen it.

Buy a impact driver, this will allow you to hit the head of the driver with a hammer and jar the set screw loose.

You may also try a hammer drill with a allen bit in reverse.

Sometimes you can break bolts loose by trying to tighten it a bit.

My last resort would be a torch due to paint burning off.

Actually, heat isn't the answer

This response submitted by George on 2/23/05 at 6:50 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

The penetrating oil is a good idea, but with bronze fittings and steel hubs, I'd recommend dry ice to constrict the metal instead of expand it.

old school math

This response submitted by dave on 2/23/05 at 6:53 PM. ( )

if the allen head is 3mm it measures .118 a 1/8 allen whench measures .125 it is .007 lager. take a pc. of the 1/8 allen about 1 inch long and put a lead on the tip. tap it into the frozen screw and remove with a tap wrench. just do the math on all other sizes.


This response submitted by Becky P on 2/23/05 at 7:18 PM. ( )

I'll try those ideas. I already tried soaking in WD40. I thought there was something else, but couldn't remember what it was called.

Jeff, I wish I was that young again (I think), and know what I know now. LOL

I'll let ya'll know how it turns out.
Thanks, BP

Turn the screw the Other Direction

This response submitted by RJ Simington on 2/23/05 at 7:22 PM. ( animalartsnw@charter.net )

I caught myself doing the exact same thing the first time I changed blades.

Left handed threads?

This response submitted by RPK on 2/23/05 at 8:14 PM. ( )

Probably left hand threads . Turn the other way!

pb blaster

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 2/23/05 at 9:06 PM. ( )

PB-Blaster is a penterating oil that is just out of this world for stuck even corroded bolts. Spray and wait an hour and try it.
i used it recently to remove a transfer case out of a 86 k-5 took a few sprayings but it done the job. good luck

I actually

This response submitted by Becky P on 2/23/05 at 9:13 PM. ( )

did try both directions. I got three out, I wouldn't think the fourth would turn different, but I did try it. LOL

Problem solved

This response submitted by Becky P on 2/23/05 at 9:32 PM. ( )

My husband took the torch to it. Heat worked.
Thanks guys. BP

next time

This response submitted by tk on 2/24/05 at 12:13 AM. ( )

some times when the other screws are out the last one gets pinched. slowly loosen all the screws equally.


This response submitted by Jeff S. on 2/24/05 at 8:47 AM. ( )

Parents,Husband,samething,LOL,Glad to here yougot it!

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