Trying to find George Roof

Submitted by Brad on 2/24/05 at 10:45 AM. ( )

George Roof
359 Cypress Branch Rd
Magnolia, DE 19962-1215
(302) 697-9606

Is this you George? The taxidermist right? I need to know If it is alright to bring some work over to ya. I can't get through your phone. Did you take it off the hook? Call me please!

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This response submitted by lee on 2/24/05 at 11:17 AM. ( )

the reason you cant get ahold of george is because he is always on here! LOL

That's strange

This response submitted by George on 2/24/05 at 11:28 AM. ( )

The TCP/IP number tells me this is just a "Mikey" wannabe. Funny how everyone else gets me at that number. Let me give you a clue. If my caller ID says "Unavailable", so am I. If it registers "Caller Unknown" or "Anonymous Caller", I'm not home. If it registers "888-xxx-xxxx" or even "800" I'll let the machine talk to you. If you doubt that, ask Jeanette Hall - sorry Jeanette. And how conveniently it was that YOU left off YOUR phone number. BTW, I THINK someplace on this site they have an email for me posted, so I wonder why you had to post this on here?

He has 12 dried deer hooves

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 2/24/05 at 11:44 AM. ( )

George, he has 12 deer hooves that have been in his shed from last November. He needs them mounted by Easter. They are air dried a little. Can you give him a quanity discount? Just kidding.
You are the true Master of Masters. Not a bad idea leaving the phone off the hook so you can get some work done.

So wait a minute Geo

This response submitted by Evelyn on 2/24/05 at 12:22 PM. ( )

is that why you never answer my phone calls either? Just because my number is 1-888-Suprpig doesn't mean you can ignore me. LOL

George ?

This response submitted by R.J. on 2/24/05 at 3:47 PM. ( )

You must be soft in the head.....I would always take a call from Jeanette or even if I thought it was her I would answer ! And that goes double for Sugarpig

Kinda Slack

This response submitted by oldshaver on 2/24/05 at 8:08 PM. ( )

Kinda slack to post Georges address and phone# on here if you ask me. Im sure that anyone he cares to hear from already has his number. Maybe its just me.

It's this damned Internet, OS

This response submitted by George on 2/24/05 at 8:57 PM. ( )

Anyone can find you anyplace. That's OK. I have a Pomeranian who has the best ears and voice of any alarm I ever had, and I have several Sigs as watchdogs who bark in one corner and bite real hard in another for people just like "Brad" here.

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