Just one opinion

Submitted by R.L on 2/24/05 at 4:52 PM. ( )

on why some of us like to compete.We as taxidermist all have one thing in common,our love for the outdoors,our love for hunting and fishing and im sure thats what made us choose the trade were in today.Why?.Well if you ask my wife,she's a city girl she will say were crazy,why would anybody want to get up everyday in the dark for three weeks straight and go out in the freezing cold,snow or rain and sit in a tree all day by yourself without moving talking and barley breathing,just to shoot a deer.It just does'nt make any sense to her what so ever,but being my wife,not understanding why i love it. when hunting season comes she lets me go torture myself all i want.No ?s asked.Iguess what im trying to say is we all have our own reasons for hunting that big buck every year.maybe its just getting outdoors and melting into the enviorment around you.Maybe its about trying to out smart one of mother natures wisest,or maybe its about having that big buck in the back of your pick up showing it off to all your buddies.is it worth it? yes,most serious hunters that i know hunt because its self rewarding in one way or another.yes bragging rights also.But the one thing we all have in common is if were not succesfull this year ,we can bet we will be back at it again next year. So the next time you ask your fellow taxidermist why he or she competes ask yourself,why do you hunt or fish or do anything that you like to do. It all comes down to this .You dont ask a hunter or fisherman why he hunt or fish.you dont ask a carver why he carves,so you shouldnt have to ask a taxidermist why he competes. you should already know the answer.

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My wife never understood...

This response submitted by Greg on 2/24/05 at 7:11 PM. ( bgwaite@lexcominc.net )

hunting, til she started flower gardening. When the hummingbirds started showing up, she'd sit for hours watching them. One day she says to me, " Now I understand why you hunt". It was a beautiful day! To sit for hours, the peace involved, the way time moves differntly, the way it "recharges my batteries". For me, a beginner, to compete ( which I look forward to someday) would be to make the mount so real, so close to perfect, that it might come to life. I can look at my mounts and think they aren't even close. But to someday be able to look and say it's right there. And then to have a judge look and agree with me. But the only way to get there is to compete, to be critiqued, to find out what you did wrong. To then take those areas and then improve them. Isn't that what we all strive for, in all aspects of life? A lawyer competes in the courtroom, an artist shows his/her artwork to try to improve or to be as close to perfect as possible. I think we all strive for it in some way shape or form. As a parent, don't we try to be the best that we can. When someone comments about my children, how well behaved or how well they play sports, I feel like I just won a blue ribbon. I guess in my mind, how can I not want to compete?

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