why spring is like being kicked in the crotch

Submitted by bw on 2/25/05 at 10:40 AM. ( )

i love spring. i think most of us are together on that one.
temps warm up a little each week and the birds come back. i wake up to songbirds now. and we even have buds on nearly all our trees.

i get so excited. its been over a month since bow season ended so it gets a little boring just working in the shop everyday trying to catch up on all the half days i worked during the rut, before gun season swamped me.

now we have the chance to get back out there and look for sheds and scout for next fall or for spring turkeys.

speaking of turkeys, man, i made a lot more money in the shop this last year.....tripling my net profit. wow....im thinking, "i can finally buy some of the fancy turkey hunting gadgets you see them use on videos and such"

this is great.

oh but wait....i almost forgot one of the biggest of the big events that takes place every spring. one thats near and dear to each and every one of us. one that i know all of you partake in the pleasures of. and if you dont......you just might go to jail. thats right.......JAIL!


there goes all my turkey gadget dreams. hell, ill probably have to sell some of my old crap just to pay what i owe on what i thought i might get to spend.

Self-employment tax!?!? what the hell is that?

estimated taxes just never seem to cut it. i knew i would have to pay a little bit...thats just the way it is. but jimminy christmas.

so for those of you who havent been to your tax preparer thus far this new year. let me offer you this tiny piece of advice.

wear a cup.

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 2/25/05 at 12:56 PM. ( )

I thought you were going to tell us spring makes your stomach hurt...

No Problem

This response submitted by Cecil on 2/25/05 at 1:30 PM. ( )

We've got Bush, and the Republicans have been in power the last four years and this four years --- so taxes should go down! He's the most spend thrifty Republican we've had! LOLOL

Sorry couldn't help myself!


This response submitted by bruce on 2/25/05 at 7:49 PM. ( )

well i dont care what all these other gentlemen on here say i am with you when it come to politics

Something to think about

This response submitted by Crusty on 3/1/05 at 9:31 PM. ( )

If all the Kerry loving Liberal tree huggers had their way, taxidermists would be out of a job. You couldn't kill the bunnies, but you could hug them. You might scrape by mounting a roadkill once in a while........Remember, fish have feelings too! NOT!

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