Talked with Jeanette Hall tonight

Submitted by TeddyS on 2/26/05 at 1:16 AM. ( )

I am all ways sceptical about calling out West. Cause us folks from North Carolina talk a little different. But I took a chance and called Jeanette,come to find out she's from Mississippi! So I didnt get any wise cracks about my southern twang...if you will. Myself being in school just two months, Jeanette give me a lot of great tips. We discussed some ideas that each of us had. And she has talked me into contacting a certain supply company about a idea I have came up with. With Jeanette being in comps all the time. She hasnt seen what I have designed. So she convinced me to proceed with it. I feel comfortible she will not let the cat out of the bag about. Cause I know what she is taking to the NTA comp. And I would just about bet the farm they aint gonna be another one like it there!
We discussed the coyote cape she is sending me. And I cant wait to get it and get started on my second project. We discussed the wealth of knowledge one can gain by this fourm, and the industry in general.
What I am getting at is, it is nice to talk to someone that knows what they are talking about and willing to let you aggravate and pick their brain for knowledge. She mentioned so many names here and abroad that I have heard before,but have never met or talked to personally. And talked highly of "most" of them. I respect her for taking the time to talk with me about many questions I had. GOOD LUCK at the NTA! For the aggrevation you have went through you deserve to win!
Thanks J,

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Thanks Teddy

This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 2/28/05 at 2:10 AM. ( )

It was nice talking to someone with so much drive to do well in this industry. BTW, I'm from Memphis, TN- but that is really close to MS! As a matter of fact, I'm going back to visit my family June 5-15. I'll be graplin' catfish with my stepdad by Realfoot lake and visiting my grandmother who lives in Lebanon, TN. Hopefully I'll get the chance to see some taxidermy shops along the way. There was one in Millington called David's, but he closed down the last time I went home. Again, thanks for the conversation and I'll keep your idea safe!

Thanks, -Jeanette

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