Noonkester sculpters

Submitted by michael on 2/27/05 at 1:15 AM. ( )

Just have one question will the Noonkester Supply sculpters have to sign a contract with McKenzie or not what will become of WASCO if they do.

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This response submitted by Jan Van Hoesen on 2/27/05 at 11:17 AM. ( )

All of these things were long settled. First of all I must say that all of these people from these companies are great people and all matters were taken care of with no problems. Most if not all of Noonkester's sculpters signed on with McKenzie and McKenzie honored Noonkester's agreement with WASCO. So all is going on the same as before. In case you didn't know, I will add that Mike approached McKenzie to sell not the other way around. People seem to be getting the idea that McKenzie is trying to buy up all the little compamies and that isn't the way it is.

trophies not available

This response submitted by gill on 2/27/05 at 8:08 PM. ( )

when I called to request the trophies, I was told they werent available at this time, not sure if they will be in the future. bummer, they were cool.

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