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Submitted by Dan Snyder, PTA President on 2/28/05 at 10:38 PM. ( )

The Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association (PTA) is not responsible for and does not administer the taxidermy exam in the state of PA. It is administered by the PA Game Commission. The taxidermy exam board does include PTA members who are sub-contracted to perform a service for the PGC. The PTA is a educational organization devoted to promoting high standards in the art of taxidermy. The PTA also educates the general public about the field of taxidermy and conservation so as to propagate the sport of hunting and fishing. And, the PTA advises and assists it's members on federal and state legislation, or proposed legislation relating to their profession.

Please remember that PA taxidermists are not licensed they receive a "PERMIT" from the PGC to perform taxidermy. Therefore they are totally under the control of the PGC (reference: Title 34 & Title 58 of the PA Game Code).

At the January Board of Directors meeting discussion was held concerning regulatory issues with the PGC. At that meeting the Board determined that there were 4 possible courses of action:
1) Continue to try to work with the PGC to enact acceptable regulations
2) Eliminate the taxidermy "Permit" (which would require PGC regulatory changes)
3) Work towards becoming regulated and LICENSED by the Bureau of Professional Licensure
4) or Do Nothing

The PTA board voted to work towards becoming licensed by a Professional Licensing Board. The board approved that myself, Dan Snyder, would chair a committee to start this process. I wrote a letter to Pennsylvania Governor, Edward Rendell, asking for his permission to work towards this goal and to work with Mr. Rob Miller, Governors Advisor, from the Governors Council on Hunting, Fishing, & Conservation. The PA Governor has approved our request. I have been in contact over the past month with Mr. Miller and other State Representatives regarding this issue. A meeting has been set for March 15th in Harrisburg to meet with Representative Merle Phillips, Representative Rod Wilt, Rob Miller (Governors Advisor), Paul Czarnecki, Mike Showers, Rod Connelly (member of the Governors Council), & myself.

The PGC's actions cancelling the April exam will become part of the discussion at the Harrisburg meeting along with the next steps the PTA will take in our pursuit to becoming licensed under the Bureau of Professional Licensure. We have been made aware that this process could take months or years to accomplish (if at all).

The above mentioned options and the board decision will be discussed at the membership meeting during the upcoming PTA Convention (March 10-12, 2005) on Saturday, March 12th at 10AM. Discussion will continue during the 1-2:30pm seminar time slot that is scheduled for the PA Taxidermy Exam Board.

The PTA has entered into this for the good of ALL PA TAXIDERMISTS not just PTA members. Any emails, faxes, or correspondence that I receive regarding these issues will be taken to the March 15th meeting.

Thank You,
Dan Snyder, PTA President
71 Hughey Road
Greenville, PA 16125
FAX: 724-253-2110

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I will

This response submitted by Russell on 3/1/05 at 10:56 AM. ( )


I will

This response submitted by Russell on 3/1/05 at 11:02 AM. ( )

I will be at this meeting since It has a lot to do with me. I have also invited Representative Dick Hess.His sec. said that is a session day we should really find out?

Russell O'Neal
5095 Raystown Road
Hopewell PA 16650
( )

So would this mean the PTA will host the test?

This response submitted by Lou on 3/1/05 at 1:27 PM. ( )

If so that's a huge conflict of interest! The people giving the exam would be fellow taxidermist who, if their close to you, would be your competitors and may not pass you just because of that.

NO Lou

This response submitted by Paul C on 3/1/05 at 2:02 PM. ( )

What Pres. Snyder is talking about has nothing to do with the PTA hosting the test. The PTA is going to facilitate the legislation necessary to take the Exam away from the control of the Game Commission. This latest debacle should be ample evidence of that necessity.
As it is now, the Exam is given by PTA members--simply because they were the most qualified and, as such, were appointed to the Board. The fact that they are PTA members has nothing to do with the fairness of the Exam. The examiners do more to help people pass than you would ever imagine. Fact is, I wish there were MORE competitent taxidermists around me that would charge fairly for their work. The more they charge--the more I can charge--etc.etc.
Look me up at the convention next week, LOU. We'll chat!

I'll do that Paul

This response submitted by Lou on 3/1/05 at 2:54 PM. ( )

I'll do that Paul. See you then!

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