Employment opportunities in New Zealand.

Submitted by The Taxidermist Ltd on 2/28/05 at 11:25 PM. ( tjacobs@clear.net.nz )

Employment opportunities in New Zealand.

We own and operate the largest taxidermy business in New Zealand. Located in Christchurch - "Gateway to Hunting in the South Pacific).

This is a unique opportunity. To work in a busy shop mounting new species of game, while earning a wage, experiencing a new culture and country, and practicing new skills and increasing your knowledge of taxidermy.

Many of the sixteen South Pacific big game species that we mount every day cannot be hunted outside this region. You will be a very experienced South Pacific big game specialist taxidermist.

We manufacture our own forms, and shave and tan all our skins in house. (On site) We are a totally self-contained operation. On the threshold of your career, working in our shop will teach you many skills that will stand you in good stead for the future.

New Zealand is an English-speaking group of islands in the South Pacific. Europeans settled here 150 years ago.

We normally work a 40-hour week, which leaves you the opportunity to explore the country and/or hunt and fish on your weekends.

Our seasons are the opposite of the States. We hunt all year round and are busy from March to July. If you wish to know more, please call or email on tjacobs.clear.net.nz. Phone **64 3 338 4266.

Visit our website. www.taxidermy.co.nz

Applicants must be prepared to travel to New Zealand for a 6 week work interview.

We will be making this selection based on.
1. Information you have provided on yourself
2. Photograph examples of your work.

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If I was a big game guy and still single

This response submitted by Cecil on 3/1/05 at 7:07 AM. ( )

I'd jump at this in a heartbeat! New Zealand is awesome for world class trout fishing in scenery that is unsurpassed! Not that densely populated either.

Are you sure a liberal like you

This response submitted by Craig on 3/2/05 at 9:42 AM. ( )

would actually fit in over there?

Wouldn't lower my dignity with a reponse

This response submitted by Cecil on 3/2/05 at 10:26 PM. ( )


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