World Show, Eppley Brothers!

Submitted by Dan Hudzik on 4/2/05 at 7:22 AM. ( )

I have to let you all know about this as well. Brad Eppley has a new ear butt system that he has brought out and is awesome. He has a system set up that locks your ear into place but then you can rotate it without any worries about being not staying anatomically correct. If you get the chance check these thing out. I think they are going to change the way ears are done on deer. No way to end up with a frankenstein deer where the ears are coming off the neck. The detail of his ear butts are fantastic as well. He even has a inner ear cast that will tighten the ear skin down inside the ear butt and give you a finished inner ear and at the same time the skin can't drum with it in there. He had so much great stuff at his booth, that it was hard to decide what not ot buy! Dan Hudzik

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Thanks Dan

This response submitted by Mr. T on 4/2/05 at 8:51 AM. ( )

That's just what I need!

Mulie or elk ears?

This response submitted by Drew on 4/2/05 at 11:49 AM. ( )

When is he going to offer some ears for us western taxidermists?

Where can you get them

This response submitted by Randall on 4/2/05 at 12:53 PM. ( )

Where can you get them? Randall


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 4/3/05 at 9:26 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

They're in the new catalog I got from them last week! Good people to do business with. They can probably be found at also. Peace. Jeff F.

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